4 main factors for choosing a mobile crusher

The mobile crusher is an important equipment for mining and an ideal large-scale machine. It is not only the main equipment for mining, but also an ideal equipment for the crushing and treatment of construction waste. There are many questions on the Internet that users want to know, one of which is how to choose a suitable mobile crushing station. Today we are going to teach you how to buy mobile crushing equipment.
Users should consider 4 factors when choosing a mobile crushing station.
1. The crushing capacity of the mobile crusher
If users have different processing requirements, the choice of crusher will be very different.
1. The performance of the feeder will affect the processing capacity of the mobile crushing equipment. For example, the processing capacity of the crusher is 450 cubic meters per hour, which requires the feeder to have the same processing capacity. Otherwise, the feeder will affect the efficiency of the mobile crusher.
2. When choosing a feeder, due to the limitation of the width of different feeders, the size of the feed size should be considered. Generally speaking, the feed size should be slightly larger, otherwise it will get stuck in front of the hopper slot, causing the material that has not entered the bin to be crushed.
3. The crushing capacity is also related to the volume of the hopper. If the hopper cannot replenish materials in time, it will affect the processing capacity of the mobile crusher.
2. Auxiliary equipment owned by the user
As we all know, before designing mobile crushing equipment, engineers should fully understand other supporting equipment owned by users. If these equipment can be matched with the mobile crusher, the whole system formed by it will operate normally and give full play to its crushing capacity. If it does not match, resources will be wasted.
Three, mobile crusher operating conditions
The mobile crushing station is mainly used in the open-pit mining environment. In some areas, winter temperatures are relatively low. Therefore, it is necessary to consider whether the material has cold resistance when designing. In addition to temperature changes, users also need to consider the local geographic environment. The seismic loads, wind loads and snow loads brought about by these natural conditions will all have an impact on steel structures. Therefore, users need to consider whether the material and structure of the mobile crusher can withstand environmental conditions.
Fourth, the construction period of the mobile crushing station
Some mobile equipment needs to be set up every 3-6 months. Therefore, the frame structure of the semi-mobile crushing plant can be determined from the construction period.
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