6 reasons and adjustment methods for the small amplitude and slow screening of vibrating screen

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6 reasons and adjustment methods for the small amplitude and slow screening of vibrating screen

Vibrating screen is an indispensable equipment in the crushed sand production line. It has the function of screening and grading sand. Users can control the speed of screening by adjusting the amplitude of the vibrating screen. How to adjust? What should I do if the amplitude is small, and what caused it?
       The main reasons for the small amplitude of the vibrating screen in actual production are as follows:
1. Insufficient power supply voltage
       For example, the vibrating screen is designed according to 380V three-phase electricity. If the line is not connected according to the regulations, the voltage is insufficient, which will cause the vibrating screen to have a small amplitude.
2. Too few eccentric masses
       By increasing or decreasing the number of eccentric blocks and controlling the amplitude, you can try to increase the number of eccentric blocks to increase the amplitude.
3. The included angle of the eccentric block is too small
       If the vibrating screen is equipped with a vibrating motor, the angle between the eccentric blocks at both ends of the motor shaft will also affect the amplitude. The angle becomes smaller, the exciting force becomes larger, and the amplitude becomes larger. Otherwise, the amplitude becomes smaller, so you can change the angle by changing the angle. To adjust the amplitude.
4. Large feed volume and large accumulation
       If the stone material transported to the screen surface at one time exceeds its bearing range, the remaining material or accumulation in the screen surface and under-screen hopper will be too much, which will increase the equipment load and affect the amplitude. At this time, it is necessary to stop the machine first, reduce the material on the screen to the normal range, and then start. In addition, the particle size of the material is directly related to the calculation result of the vibrating screen amplitude.
5. Unreasonable spring design
       We know that the vibrating screen is mainly composed of vibrators, screen boxes, supporting devices, transmission devices, etc. The spring is an important part of the supporting device, so when designing the spring, the net variable of the spring should be smaller than the height of the device, otherwise, it will The vibrating screen's amplitude is too small; but if the net variable of the spring is too large, it may cause the body to separate from the spring.
6. Reasons for equipment failure
1) Damaged motor or electrical components
       First check the motor, if the motor is damaged, replace the motor; second, check the electrical components in the control circuit. If the electrical components are damaged, replace the electrical components.
       Supplement: There are many reasons for the burning of the motor: loose anchor bolts, improper installation, adjustment of the eccentric block, poor sealing of the protective cover, and ambient temperature will all cause the motor to burn. For the treatment of each cause, please refer to the article "What should I do if the vibrating screen swings, cannot start, and the screen is damaged? Remember these 7 types of troubleshooting methods, don’t panic.
2) Vibrator failure
       Check the viscosity of the grease in the vibrator, add appropriate grease, and secondly check whether the vibrator is faulty, and repair or replace it in time.
       It should be noted that in the process of adjusting the amplitude of the vibrating screen, whether it is to increase the weight of the eccentric block, adjust the angle of the eccentric block, or increase or decrease the counterweight on the flywheel and the pulley (off-axis eccentric vibration) The adjustment amount of the vibration source (vibrator or vibration motor) of the vibrating screen must be the same, otherwise it will cause damage to the equipment.
       In production, the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen is related to many factors, such as material properties, equipment structure and various performance parameters. Regardless of the rigid factors of material properties and equipment structure, the various parameters of amplitude, vibration frequency, vibration direction angle, screen surface inclination angle and ejection angle have a great influence on the production efficiency of the vibrating screen. During installation and commissioning Pay more attention to these parameters.

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