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750×1060 jaw crusher output

The 750×1060 jaw crusher is a coarse crusher, which mainly performs coarse crushing operations on various ores and bulk materials. The crushing method is curved extrusion type. It is a medium and large crushing equipment with an output of 199-446 tons per hour. The price of one is several hundred thousand yuan, and the other is also the wholesale price. Welcome to order! For more detailed information about the equipment, this article will introduce it in detail.
1. The bankruptcy volume of 750×1060 Hubei is 199-446 tons/hour
750×1060 jaw crusher is also called DC-750×1060 jaw crusher. It mainly composes a crushing cavity with two jaw plates, a movable jaw and a static jaw, which simulates the movement of the two jaws of an animal to complete the operation. Under normal circumstances, the output per hour is 199- The 446 tons will also be affected by materials, equipment quality, and production line matching. However, it adopts a flywheel design with a deep "V" crushing cavity and no dead space, which not only improves the feeding efficiency, but also improves the processing capacity.
Among them, Dongmeng manufacturers use high-quality high-quality steel, the equipment is durable, daily wear is small, the life span is 2-3 times longer than that of ordinary equipment, the efficiency is increased by more than 40%, and the unit power consumption is low, and the investment cost is reduced.
2. 750×1060 jaw breaking parameter table
In addition to paying attention to the amount of bankruptcy of 750×1060 Hubei, when purchasing equipment, what is the matching motor of 750×1060 Hubei? 750x1060 jaw breaking speed? Feeding particle size, discharging specifications... are also very important. More 750×1060 jaw breaking parameters are shown in the table below.

750×1060 Parameters of jaw crusher
Feed port size 750×1060mm
Feed size ≤630mm
Discharge particle size 90-200mm
yield 199-446t/h
Eccentric shaft speed 270r/min
Motor power 132kw

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