9 causes and treatment methods for blocking of impact crusher (Part 1)

Material blocking is one of the common faults in the work of counterattack crushers. In the production process, once the material is blocked, the crusher equipment will be forced to shut down, which not only wastes a lot of time to clean up the accumulated material, but also affects the efficiency of the entire production line. So, what are the specific reasons for the blocking of the impact crusher and how to deal with it? As there are too many content to be told, the problems and solutions will be divided into two parts.
1. The material of the crusher has high humidity, which is easy to stick and cause blockage.
If the raw materials processed by the crusher have high water content and high viscosity, the crushed materials will easily adhere to both sides of the screen hole and the liner, resulting in a reduction in the volume of the crushing chamber and a low passing efficiency of the screen hole, causing material blockage.
Solution: You can pre-heat the impact plate and the feed inlet of the crusher, install drying equipment, or sunburn the material to reduce the water content of the material.
Two, the crusher feeds too much and too fast
If we eat too much or too quickly, we can choke easily. This is also true for impact crushers. When the impact crusher feeds too much or too fast, it will be crushed and discharged directly, causing blockage.
Solution: During the feeding process of the crusher, pay attention to the deflection angle of the ammeter pointer. When the feed is large, the pointer of the impact crusher ammeter will be too large. When the rated current of the machine is exceeded, overload will occur. run. If the working time is too long in this kind of scenario, it will cause material blockage and even burn out the motor of the crusher. Therefore, when the above situation occurs, the feeding amount should be reduced immediately and the feeding machinery should be adjusted.
3. The discharge speed of the crusher is too slow
Under normal circumstances, the feed rate and discharge rate should be balanced. If the crusher feeds too much or too fast, it will cause material blockage. If the discharge speed is too slow, a large amount of material will be blocked inside the machine, which will cause blockage and make the crusher equipment unable to operate normally.
Solution: To avoid overloading of the crusher, the feed rate should be adjusted according to the processing capacity of the crusher; in production, according to the actual situation, the size of the discharge port should be adjusted in time so that the crushed materials can be discharged smoothly. If crushed materials occur The size of the discharge opening of the crusher should be adjusted accordingly.
Four, the crusher material is too hard, too much or too large in size
When the material is hard to be broken, or the feed size exceeds the limit of the impact crusher, and the crushing between the impact plate and the plate hammer is insufficient, the discharge port of the crusher will also be blocked.
Solution: Before the material enters the crushing cavity, it is necessary to clarify the applicable materials of the impact crusher, especially the requirements of the material properties, to ensure the correct feeding of the crusher; it is not easy to put too much material into the crushing cavity, for this reason An electric bell and an alarm flashing light can be installed at the feeding port to control the feeding and avoid the blockage caused by the input of too much material; the bulk material is roughly broken and then put into the crushing chamber of the crusher to make the material reach or Close to the crushing requirements to avoid the blockage of the crusher materials.
The above are the reasons for the blocking phenomenon of the impact crusher and the first few problems to solve the problem. More details are welcome to continue to pay attention to us, and the next part will be announced for you. If you need more information about the crusher, please call or consult or leave a message online. We will send professionals to answer your questions.
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