Advantages and disadvantages of small cone crushing sand making

The machine-made sand with abundant resources and short processing cycle has gradually become the main source of construction sand. In addition to stimulating the supply and demand of the entire market, it has also created considerable benefits for large and small gravel plants.
The cone crusher (referred to as the cone crusher) has always been used as a medium-to-fine crushing equipment. Its output particle size can reach about 3mm. Although it meets the particle size standard for sand making, it needs to understand the advantages and disadvantages of sand making. Need to make a decision whether to vote.
1. What are the advantages of small cone crushing for sand making?
The principle of the small cone crusher is laminated crushing. The crushing wall is driven to swing slowly by couplings, drive shafts, etc., which impacts and squeezes the material to cause crushing; its advantage is that it is very suitable for processing high hardness materials, such as Granite, basalt, cobblestone, etc.; other advantages are as follows:
1. Reduce the initial investment
If small cone crushers are used as sand making equipment, the investment cost of the third process can be saved and the entire production process can be simplified;
2. Reduce comprehensive consumption
The key components of the crusher are all protected against wear, and the service life can be increased by more than 30%, which greatly reduces maintenance costs and also reduces equipment downtime;
3. The finished particles are uniform
After optimizing the motion parameters, the crushing cavity of the cone crusher can well match its rotation speed, realize selective crushing, increase the proportion of product fines, and discharge more uniformly;
4. Intelligent control system
PLC+LCD screen automatic control system, hydraulic overload protection, hydraulic automatic cavity cleaning and other functions can help users easily adjust equipment operation and reduce labor intensity.
2. What are the disadvantages of small cone crushing sand making?
Compared with specialized sand making equipment, cone crusher still lacks in finished products, as follows:
1. The fineness of the finished product is not enough
Machine-made sand is divided into three specifications: coarse, medium and fine, with particle sizes of 0.5mm or more, 0.35-0.5mm, 0.25-0.35mm; in theory, cone crusher can only meet the discharge standard of coarse sand, which cannot meet the production multi-specification mechanism Sand demand;
2. The finished grain is general
The principle of laminated crushing has the advantage of large crushing force, but also the disadvantage of more needle-like materials. If you want to prepare high-strength concrete, you must at least ensure that the grain is complete and cube-shaped. Multi-angled and multi-sided are beneficial to cement and concrete. Cohesiveness;
The above are the advantages and disadvantages of cone crushing sand, which can be briefly summarized as follows: If you do not have high requirements on the finished product and want to save the initial investment cost, it is not wrong to choose cone crushing sand; but if you want more specifications, For high-quality machine-made sand, it is recommended to equip another sand making machine.
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