Can coal gangue make sand? What equipment is needed?

Coal gangue is a kind of hard black rock that will pollute the air and water sources without treatment; coal gangue is widely distributed and easy to mine. The treated coal gangue can completely replace natural sand and gravel in construction sand, and can be used as fuel after processing. , Construction, road construction and other materials, the use value is still relatively high.
Equipment used for making sand from coal gangue:
       Sand making from coal gangue requires three important processes: coarse crushing, fine crushing and sand making. Generally speaking, jaw crusher is used for coarse crushing equipment, impact crusher is generally used for fine crushing equipment, and VSI sand making machine is used for sand making equipment. Other auxiliary equipment, etc.
Coarse crushing equipment: jaw crusher
       Jaw crusher is a common rough crushing equipment in the process of making sand from coal gangue. Its crushing ratio is large, the product size is uniform, the structure is simple and easy to operate, the operating cost is low, the wearing parts are durable and easy to replace. favorite.
Medium crushing equipment: impact crusher
       The impact crusher belongs to the secondary crushing equipment in the sand made from coal gangue. The special structure design makes the crushing ratio larger and the crushing effect better. The processed materials are uniform in size and good in particle size. The particle size of the finished product can be customized. Adjustable, firm and reliable structure, economical and applicable.
Sand making equipment: VSI sand making machine
       The VSI sand making machine is the core equipment in the process of making sand from coal gangue. It adopts a deep cavity impeller, which increases throughput by 30% and higher output; automatic control panel, one-key operation, more convenient and simple, thin oil type and grease in the bearing chamber Type lubrication design, can realize the whole interchange.
Auxiliary equipment: vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, belt conveyor
       It plays an auxiliary role in the process of making sand from coal gangue, mainly conveying and sieving materials.
There are 3 points to pay attention to when choosing coal gangue to make sand equipment:
       1. Choose the corresponding model of equipment according to your actual production needs.
       2. The quality of the equipment and the wear resistance of the wearing parts.
       3. Whether the manufacturer's after-sales service is perfect. If the failure cannot be solved in time, the shutdown and production will damage your benefits.
       If you want to know more details about the equipment, please call or consult or leave a message online. Shanghai Dongmeng will send professionals to answer your questions.
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