Causes of blockage of sand making machine

Blocking is one of the more common faults of sand making machines, so today I will come to popularize the reasons for the blockage of sand making machines:
   1. The material has a large water content
   If the material has too much moisture, it may stick to the sand making machine. An effective solution is to pre-heat the material inlet.
  2, the material is too hard or the particle size is too large
  When the material is too hard or the crushed material is too large, which exceeds the crushing range of the sand making machine, it will also cause clogging. The size of the crushed material should not exceed the specified range and hardness.
  3, the feeding speed is too fast
The feeding speed and the processing speed are not well matched, the feeding is fast, the crushing is slow, the discharging is too late, the equipment is prone to load work, which will cause the occurrence of blockage, so when feeding the sand making machine, be sure to feed The uniformity and continuity of the material reduce the problem of equipment blockage.
   4. The tightness of the triangle belt is inappropriate
  The production process of the sand making machine is to transfer the power to the groove wheel by the V-belt, and then crush the stone. When the triangular drive belt is loose, it will cause slipping, and the sheave will rotate instead of driving the sheave. The material cannot be crushed by the normal crushing force, and cannot be crushed in the crushing cavity, which will cause blockage.
   5. Improper adjustment of the discharge opening
  During the production process of the crusher, if the discharge speed of the material is too slow, it will cause the subsequent crushed materials to accumulate in the discharge port and the crushing cavity, causing discharge obstacles.
   6. Coordination of production line equipment
   For example, the conveying capacity of the conveyor exceeds the crushing capacity, then when the conveying capacity of the conveyor does not match the crushing capacity of the crusher, the material is not crushed and the material behind it quickly enters the crusher, causing blockage when the crushing is not timely.
  7, improper manual operation
   This is a common cause of material blocking in sand making machines. The operator of the sand making machine must be systematically trained and be familiar with the equipment before taking up the job, otherwise it will not only cause the low production capacity of the equipment, but also cause damage to the equipment over time.
   8. The equipment itself
  Incorrect selection of the sand making machine model will also cause blockage in the production process. Therefore, you must communicate with the technicians when purchasing, inform the technicians of the material to be crushed, the size of the crush, etc., and select the appropriate machine model.
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