Common faults and maintenance methods of crushers

Everyone knows that the crusher is used in a very bad environment, so we will encounter unexpected situations when operating. At this time, we must know some professional maintenance knowledge to solve the problem, then we may encounter some conditions and solutions as follows.
   First of all, the crusher host suddenly stopped.
   1. The discharge port is blocked, resulting in a complete cavity blockage.
   2. The V-belt of the driving pulley rotates too loosely, causing the belt to slip.
  3, the eccentric shaft fastening bush is loose, there is no gap on both sides of the frame bearing seat, the eccentric shaft is stuck and cannot rotate.
  4, the voltage at the work site is too low, and the host cannot break when encountering large materials.
   5. The bearing is damaged.
  For these situations, you can take: clear the blockage of the discharge port, ensure smooth discharge, adjust or replace the V-belt, reinstall or replace the fastening sleeve, adjust the voltage at the work site to match the working voltage of the host. Requirements, replacement bearings and other methods to solve these situations.
   Two, the main wheel of the mobile crusher, dynamic operation is normal, but the reasons for the interruption of the work are: the tension spring is broken, the tie rod is broken, the bracket falls off or is broken.
  The replacement method is to replace the tension spring, replace the lever, and then reinstall or replace the bracket.
  Three, the bracket is broken
   1. The host is overloaded or larger than the size of the feed inlet.
   2. An unbroken material enters the crushing chamber.
   3. The bracket and the bracket are not parallel and inclined.
  The casting has serious casting defects.
   1. Replace the mobile crusher bracket and control the feed size and prevent the host from overloading
   2. Replace the bracket and take measures to prevent unbroken objects from entering the crushing cavity
   3. Replace the bracket and replace the worn bracket and install the bracket correctly.
   4. Replace the qualified bracket.
   When using the crusher, it is necessary not only to perform regular maintenance, but also to carefully check whether there is any damage, and to repair it in time and replace parts to ensure the good operation of the equipment.

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