Compared with natural sand and machine-made sand, which sand and gravel aggregate is better?

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Compared with natural sand and machine-made sand, which sand and gravel aggregate is better?

Both natural sand and machine-made sand belong to the category of construction sand. The difference is that natural sand is a gift from nature and is naturally formed sand bone, while machine-made sand is produced by artificial sand making equipment-sand making machines, etc. After processing, the question arises. Compared with natural sand and machine-made sand, which sand and gravel aggregate is better? Who better meets the current demand for construction sand and aggregates? The following is a comparative interpretation of natural sand and machine-made sand, the specific details are as follows:
1. Raw material supply PK
       Natural sand has a long formation period, and the sand and gravel in the market have been mined, so there may be short supply or out of stock at any time and anywhere;
       There are sufficient raw materials for machine-made sand, as long as there are stones, machine-made sand can be produced. Urban construction waste and mine tailings can also be developed into machine-made sand materials. Compared with natural sand, the storage of machine-made sand is quite abundant, so there is no need to worry about the use of it. In the process, there is a shortage of materials.
2. Mining cost PK
       Although natural sandstone is a gift from nature, its mining cost is very high, especially when the surface sandstone is gradually depleted, deep excavation is necessary to obtain natural sandstone, which will not only increase production Investment cost, but also will cause great damage to the surrounding environment.
       Rock materials that can be seen everywhere can be used as raw materials for machine-made sand. Even some waste resources and tailings can also be made into artificial sand and gravel with equipment such as sand making machines. This not only solves the problem of environmental pollution, but also improves natural resources. Utilization rate, in addition, the input cost of such raw materials is not much, so it fully meets the requirements of circular economy and scientific development concept.
3. Investment prospects PK
       Although the initial cost of investing in natural sand will be slightly lower, the natural sand and gravel resources in the market today are rapidly declining, and river sand resources in some areas are nearly exhausted. In order to protect river dikes and dams and protect the ecological balance, local governments have stipulated that some rivers are strictly prohibited and limited to mining. Therefore, if the development of the infrastructure industry depends entirely on natural sand and gravel, it will definitely not work. Therefore, the investment prospects for natural sand and gravel are still Very limited
       As for the machine-made sand produced by the sand-making equipment, firstly, the use of high-quality machine-made sand can better control the construction quality; secondly, the stable and low price is the main advantage of machine-made sand, and the price of machine-made sand in various places is endless. The same, but all are much cheaper than natural river sand. Compared with natural river sand, machine-made sand can be at least 20 yuan cheaper per ton. In addition, the profit of machine-made sand is also considerable. With a scale of 2,000 tons per day and based on the current market price, the monthly gross profit is estimated to be more than 1 million yuan. Therefore, in general, the investment prospects of machine-made sand are relatively bright, no matter in terms of the profit margin or the quality of sand and gravel.
       The above is a brief introduction to the PK of natural sand and machine-made sand in many aspects. As for which kind of sand and gravel is more suitable for construction sand and gravel aggregate demand, from a long-term point of view, it is more appropriate to count machine-made sand. If you want to learn more about the relevant information of machine-made sand production equipment, please call or consult or leave a message online. Dongmeng Luqiao will send professionals to answer your questions.

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