Cone crusher, compound cone crusher and single cylinder hydraulic crusher

Cone crusher, compound cone crusher and single-cylinder hydraulic crusher are very similar in appearance, similar in name, and even function and purpose are somewhat similar, but they are still different after all, especially in knowing where they are used and need to be crushed. Which raw materials and what are the output materials, and then choose which cone crusher to use, so the cone crusher, compound cone crusher and single cylinder hydraulic crusher must be distinguished!
1. Cone crusher
In terms of appearance, there is a ring of spring outside the cone crusher, so it is also called spring cone crusher. The spring cone crusher drives the transmission shaft and the cone part under the axis line to make the eccentric shaft perform periodic swings under the axis of the belt conveyor. movement. After the material enters the crushing cavity from the material port, it is kneaded, ground and rubbed by the impact of the eccentric shaft and the wall of the rolling mortar, and then the crushing effect occurs.

2. Compound cone crusher
The composite cone crusher has both spring and hydraulic pressure, stronger overload protection device and higher degree of automation. The working principle is basically similar to that of cone crusher, but if the crushed material is too large or the hardness is relatively high, then the composite cone crusher must be used. . The discharge port of the composite cone crusher is controlled by a hydraulic pusher or a hydraulic motor to adjust the cap. Both safety and automation are better than spring cone crushers.
3. Single cylinder hydraulic crusher
The single-cylinder hydraulic crusher uses an oil pump to inject oil or discharge oil into the main shaft cylinder to adjust the discharge port. The single cylinder is more cylindrical in appearance, and there is no external spring. A larger hydraulic cylinder is at the bottom.

All in all, although various data show that the crushing capacity and crushing effect of composite cone crushers are better than spring cone crushers and single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers, but the price is far different, so we still need to consider the actual situation. select.
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