Crusher frame lightness and rigidity requirements

The frame of the crusher is the key to the entire equipment, so we have certain requirements for the strength and rigidity of the frame during production. Only by strengthening the quality of the frame can we effectively avoid errors and safety hazards during the operation of the equipment. Improve the use of equipment and the safety of operators.
  The crusher of the crusher is a curved extrusion type. During operation, the motor drives the belt and pulley, and the eccentric shaft swings up and down through the eccentric shaft. When the eccentric shaft and bracket approach the moving cymbal, the material is crushed, crushed and crushed; when the eccentric shaft and spring are separated from the fixed borehole, the material reaching a certain size will be discharged from the discharge port at the lower part of the crushing chamber. In the whole crushing process, the pneumatic crushing and discharge movement is periodically carried out to realize mass production.
   Crusher is one of the commonly used crushing equipment for medium-sized stone crushing. In the process of crushing hard materials such as ore, the crusher usually has special objects that are difficult to crush, such as stones or iron blocks. If an improper fuse occurs in time, it can effectively prevent unnecessary wear and tear, leading to shutdown inspection. Providing insurance for this situation will greatly strengthen the active control of all crusher equipment and production lines.
  The crushing frame is divided into structures according to the structure. There is an overall framework and a combined framework. Due to difficulties in manufacturing, installation and transportation, the overall frame is not suitable for large-scale crushers, and is mainly used for small and medium-sized crushers. During long-term operation, the illegal operation of the operator will cause the crusher equipment to fail at different frequencies, and the cracks in the crushing machine frame will suddenly appear.
The quality of the equipment caused by the incomplete casting process or welding of the electronic crusher during the production process; the two bolts on the bearing cover of the frame are loose; when the installation is not firm enough, the crusher will loosen the vibration generated by the jaw crusher for a long time, thereby Hit the front plate of the frame and cause damage to the frame; eccentric shaft, pin damage or loose expansion sleeve, which makes the weight direction of the flywheel not aligned; the main frame has poor rigidity or collapses, and the frame is smooth; continue to use fixed and movable jaws after wearing the tooth profile; The brackets and brackets are unqualified and cannot withstand huge impact. When the impact force is strong, the bracket has no automatic damage protection, causing the frame to break.
  The frame of the crusher is an important part of supporting the operation of the equipment. Therefore, during the production process, we have extremely strict quality requirements for the strength and rigidity of the frame, because only in this way can the overall performance and service life of the equipment be maintained and extended.
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