Crusher plate hammer replacement method

After the crusher has been used for a long time, the blower will be severely worn. At this time, maintenance personnel are required to replace it. There are also many points in the replacement process that need our attention.
The crusher can not only crush limestone, but also many other materials. Although it has a wide range of applications, it also has a range. In actual production, many users use the crusher for crushing no matter what kind of equipment after purchasing the equipment. This caused severe wear of the blow bar. In addition, the plate hammer of the limestone crusher needs to be replaced frequently, especially in the case of frequent crushing of materials with higher hardness, if the crusher is used directly for crushing, the plate hammer will be severely damaged, because the crusher is used The impact energy is used to crush the materials, and the materials below the medium hardness are crushed. When crushing some materials with higher hardness, the jaw crusher can be used as the first-stage crushing equipment and the crusher as the second-stage crushing equipment.
If the blower is lightly worn, repair measures should be taken in time. If you want to solve this problem, you need to buy a blower with better wear resistance, but if you want to achieve better production results, the economical way is to replace it. Equipment, if the user needs it, you can consider the limestone crusher produced by Red Star Company. The hammer of this equipment is made of domestically better high-chromium cast iron material, which has stronger wear resistance and impact resistance, which can greatly reduce production. For the degree of wear in the process, the equipment uses a multi-stage crushing process to ensure that the material can be fully crushed, thereby bringing higher production benefits to users.
  The blower of the crusher needs to be replaced regularly. You can choose a blower with good friction performance when purchasing. If the friction is light, measures should be taken immediately to remedy it.
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