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Do you know the fixed umbrella plate of the cone crusher?

Inside the cone crusher, there are many parts that play an important role. One of them is the fixed umbrella plate. Many people do not understand this part. Here is to introduce the relevant situation. First, the fixed umbrella plate refers to It is the fixed tooth plate. The so-called tooth plate is the lining plate we often say. It plays an irreplaceable role in the production of cone crushers. It is a part processed from high manganese steel and is used in the equipment with other parts. Work together to complete the crushing of materials.
Connected to the fixed umbrella plate is the adjustment ring. If there is a gap in the lower joint of the two or there is a gap around the fixed umbrella plate hook, you need to carefully fill in or glue other appropriate materials to prevent zinc alloy during the casting process. If the conditions permit, the zinc alloy contact surface should be heated and dried as much as possible, which can improve the casting quality of the zinc alloy, and the casting process needs to ensure that the casting is continuously poured from top to bottom, and the temperature during casting , Determined according to the specific conditions of on-site pouring, not too high or too low until the gap between the fixed umbrella plate and the adjusting ring is filled. This filling operation is to reduce the disadvantages caused by the existence of the gap to the production of the cone crusher influences.
After the poured zinc alloy is cooled, the zinc alloy with protrusions on the upper edge of the fixed umbrella plate and other parts should be removed, and the nut of the "U" screw pressing plate should be tightened again. During the production process of the cone crusher, it must be at any time For the gap between the fixed umbrella plate and the adjustment ring, ensure that it is in a tightly tensioned state. This is the main condition to ensure that the zinc alloy layer remains intact for a long time after pouring and the fixed umbrella plate works normally. The adjustment ring is assembled with the fixed umbrella plate. Previously, the steel castings around the "U" bolts should be inspected for parts that are subject to greater stress. If cracks are found, they must be repaired by welding or reinforcement in time.
During the operation of the cone crusher, the umbrella plate is prone to wear because it has direct contact with the ore, and its life is related to the hardness of the ore and the grinding parts. Generally, they are made of high manganese steel, but if the quality of high manganese steel is If it is poor, the life of the part will be greatly shortened. If you need to replace the fixed umbrella plate on the adjusting ring, you must first remove and scrub the dirt on the surface of the adjusting ring and the fixed umbrella plate, so as to ensure the poured zinc The quality of the alloy.
The article mainly introduces the fixed umbrella plate of the cone crusher. This part actually refers to the fixed tooth plate, which plays an important role in the production of the equipment. Its role is based on its good performance, so it is necessary to ensure its There is no gap around the adjustment ring and its hooks, and the treatment methods for gaps are analyzed. In addition, the precautions when the fixed umbrella plate needs to be replaced are introduced. Only when these parts are in good condition can the equipment be in good working condition.

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