Does the hammer plate of the impact crusher need to be replaced?

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Does the hammer plate of the impact crusher need to be replaced?

As an ordinary stone crusher, the impact crusher has a poor working environment, severe wear of vulnerable parts, and various failures often occur. The plate hammer of the impact crusher rotates with the rotor at a high speed, hits the crushed material, and impacts and wears the material, so it is very easy to wear. Factors affecting the service life of the blow bar include: the material of the blow bar, the manufacturing quality, the nature of the damaged material, the peripheral speed of the rotor, the structure of the blow bar, and the output.
1. The material of the board hammer
       The impact breaker is mainly made of wear-resistant materials, such as high manganese steel and chromium alloy steel. As manufacturers have different levels of heat treatment technology, their mechanical properties are also very different, and the service life of the hammer is also very different.
2. The manufacturing quality of the hammer
       The weight accuracy of the hammer must be strictly guaranteed during the manufacturing process. The weight difference must not exceed 0.5kg. After installing the hammer on the rotor, do a static balance test. When the rotor is required to stop rotating, it is not allowed to return to 1/10 of the circumference at any position.
3. The structure and fixing method of the hammer
       The structure of the blow bar and its fixing method will also affect its life. At present, the blow bars of most impact crushers are fixed with countersunk screws. This fixing method is simple in structure, easy to disassemble and assemble, and it is not necessary to lift the rotor from the body during replacement. To overcome this shortcoming, the blow bar is more firmly fixed, but the rear groove of the blow bar needs to be processed.
4. Rotor circumferential speed
       The rotor of the impact crusher has a very high linear velocity. The rotor is equipped with 3-6 pieces and up to 8-10 blow bars. The time interval between the rotation of the two blowers is only a few tenths of a second. In such a short time, only a small amount of material can enter the impact area as a whole, and most materials (especially large materials) only enter the impact area at one end, so the blow hammer will not hit the center of gravity of the blow hammer.
       The above are the factors that affect the service life of the blowback hammer, including the material of the blower, the circumferential speed of the rotor, the structure and fixing method of the blower, and the manufacturing quality of the blower. Counterattack users should pay special attention to these aspects in production operations and avoid malfunctions.

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