For the second crushing, impact or cone crushing?

Impact crusher-good at finely crushing medium-hard and soft ore, with good granular shape
Cone crusher is good at fine crushing of hard materials, good wear resistance and long life
 Counter and cone crusher
1. Applicable materials
The impact crusher uses impact energy to crush, mainly crushing brittle stones with low hardness, such as limestone, limestone, calcite, etc., and cone crushers use extrusion and bending to crush harder ores, such as granite, river pebbles, Basalt etc.
2. Discharge size
The width of the discharge port of the impact crusher is between 10-50mm, and the width of the discharge port of the cone crusher is between 3-60mm. The impact crusher belongs to the impact crusher. Compared with the cone crusher, the material The grain size is better. In actual production, cone crushers are used more for beneficiation, while counterattack crushers are used for building materials and construction projects.
3. Finished grain type
The particle shape of the finished product depends on the crushing principle. The impact crusher mainly uses impact energy to crush the stone. Therefore, it can crush a stone from various aspects and multiple forces. The particle shape is more three-dimensional. The cone crusher mainly uses bending and extrusion. The crushed stone is more tidy and less three-dimensional.
4. Hourly
A single cone crusher can produce 50-1600 tons of finished stone per hour, and a single impact  is between 30-350 tons per hour. Due to the large number of specifications, the production capacity is also relatively diverse. In actual production, the production capacity is affected by many factors. But its own quality and stable performance are the factors that have the greatest impact.
5. Price
impact  crusher is divided into conventional and European version. Cone crusher is divided into spring type and hydraulic type. According to different manufacturing costs, the price varies greatly. Relatively speaking, hydraulic cone crusher is more expensive because of its more advanced design.
6. Model and specification
The impact crusher has 6 specifications from PF-1010 to PF-1520, and the cone crusher has 14 specifications from PYB600 to PYD2200. Due to the different processing requirements of each user, customized production can be carried out. , And the requirements of the discharging particle size, etc., reasonably custom-made counter or cone crushers.
The matchup between the needle and the front is comparable. To sum up, the impact  and cone crushers each have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they need to be selected according to different materials, incoming and outgoing granularities, and output.
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