Four misunderstandings in the use of jaw crushers

After purchasing the equipment, we should carefully read the relevant instruction materials for the jaw crusher, and be familiar with the use and maintenance of the crusher to avoid damage to the equipment due to the existence of some misunderstandings. Speaking of crushers, do you know that there are four misunderstandings in use?
One: Ignore the importance of cleaning up, there are things operating in the machine
Before the crusher starts to work, check whether there are ore or iron in the crushing cavity. The crusher is not allowed to start with load. Starting with load will cause electrical trips or damage to machine parts. Therefore, check the crushing cavity before driving. If there is ore or iron, it must be removed before starting.
Two: Use unqualified power supply
Use unqualified power supply, do not put too many unfired electrodes, pay attention to the quality of the electrodes when placing the electrodes and within a few minutes after placing the electrodes, move the electrodes as little as possible or not move the motor, and take various measures to prevent the electrodes from softly breaking. Once a soft break occurs, handle it immediately to avoid unnecessary danger.

three: Work without wearing personal protective equipment
Some things will have noise and pollution when they are broken. This will cause great damage to our body for a long time. Therefore, we must take personal protective equipment before operation to reduce the damage to us by the crusher.
Four: only use without maintenance
Maintenance is very important for the crusher. Long-term use will bring unnecessary wear and tear to the machine. Therefore, check the wear level of the machine regularly, do regular maintenance, and regularly apply Runhua oil to make your machine play a greater role .
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