Four unique advantages of mobile crushers

1. The current situation and development prospects of mobile crushers
The mobile crusher is convenient to move, can freely shuttle between major sand and gravel plants, and can be directly driven to the job site without the need to transport materials back and forth. One mobile crushing station can complete feeding, crushing, screening, transportation, etc., which is equivalent to a complete crushing production line. One machine has multiple functions and saves production costs.
With the influence of national infrastructure construction, urban village reconstruction, highways, railways, affordable housing and construction and other policies, the demand for mobile crushing stations in my country is also showing a steady growth trend.
Two, the four unique advantages of mobile crushers
1. Environmental protection + intelligence, smooth production
The mobile crushing station is equipped with a dust collector, and an atomized spray system is arranged on the spot, which is multi-pronged and environmentally friendly. The PLC's strict intelligent control system can realize remote real-time operation; in addition, the mobile crusher can also be hydraulically driven, and the new operation technology saves labor and effort on the production site.
2. Integrated complete set
The mobile crusher adopts an integrated installation form, which does not require the installation and construction of infrastructure of a fixed production line, which reduces the consumption of materials and man-hours. The compact space layout reduces the requirements for site conditions, and the transition is flexible and convenient.
3. Strong mobility
The mobile crusher has a high vehicle-mounted chassis and a small turning radius. This design is convenient for driving on ordinary roads and more convenient for driving in rugged and harsh road environments. It can save time when entering the crushing site.
4. The crushing effect is directly effective
The whole mobile crusher can be used independently, and it can also provide more flexible process configuration according to customer's requirements for material types and products in the process to meet the diverse processing needs of users.
3. The two major walking systems of tire + track
Mobile crushers can be divided into tire-type mobile crushers and crawler-type mobile crushers according to the walking mode. The tire-type mobile crushing station adopts vehicle-mounted traction, so that it can meet the demand for production mobility whether on the job site or on the road. The crawler-type mobile crushing station chassis adopts a crawler-type full-rigid ship structure, which has high strength, low grounding ratio and good passability. It has good adaptability to mountains and wetlands, and can even achieve climbing operations.
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