How much is a set of large sand making machine?

We know that machine-made sand processing sometimes involves not only a single sand making machine, but a whole sand making production line. With the growing popularity of the machine-made sand industry, many laypersons are also joining the sand and gravel industry. One cannot help but wonder, what equipment is included in a whole sand production line? How much is a complete set of sand making equipment?
Before understanding how much a set of sand making machine is, let's take a look at what equipment is needed for a set of sand making production line?
1. Crushing equipment:
Large pieces of raw materials need to be crushed before sand making. It needs to be crushed by the crusher to the particle size of the sand making machine. The crushing equipment mainly includes coarse crushing and fine crushing equipment, such as jaw crushers, cone crushers, For the counterattack crusher, the specific selection should refer to the hardness and size of the raw materials.
2. Sand making equipment:
Sand making equipment is the core equipment of the entire sand making production line. It is responsible for making sand and shaping the broken stones. Common sand making equipment include HVI sand making machine, VSI sand making machine and impact sand making machine.
3. Auxiliary equipment:
Auxiliary equipment mainly includes vibrating feeder, vibrating screen and belt conveyor. The vibrating feeder is responsible for feeding the raw materials uniformly and continuously into the crushing equipment, the vibrating screen is responsible for sieving the finished sand into different specifications of sand and gravel, and the belt conveyor is responsible for the transportation of materials between the various equipment.
4. Environmental protection equipment:
During the sand making process, dust and noise pollution may occur. Therefore, it is necessary to configure the corresponding dust removal and noise reduction equipment, and can also be equipped with a spray device to humidify the sand and gravel materials. The latter optimizes the design angle and equipment of the production line The height of the drop between the two can effectively inhibit dust pollution. Nowadays, environmental protection is becoming more and more important. Choosing environmental protection equipment can bring lasting benefits to users.
2. How much does it cost to invest in a large-scale sand production line
The large-scale sand production line has various equipment configurations. Different configurations have different equipment investment prices. The hourly output ranges from tens of tons to hundreds of tons and thousands of tons. The overall quotation ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions. Secondly, there are many manufacturers of sand making equipment, and each manufacturer has a different sales model, and their quotations vary greatly.

When investing in a sand production line, users must keep their eyes open and choose carefully. When investing in a sand production line, users should pay attention to not only the initial equipment investment costs, but also the later operating costs. Choosing reliable quality sand making equipment and selecting sand making manufacturers with after-sales service can help users save a lot of money. Operating expenses.
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