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How to adjust the crusher belt

The utilization rate of the crusher is also relatively high, and the belt may deviate or other situations when it is running, so it must be adjusted in time. How to adjust the belt of the crusher in time when it is running.
  The V-belt of the roller of the crusher should not be operated at a temperature higher than 60℃. If the pulley hole of the pulley has cracks, the groove gap or the groove surface should be replaced in time, the belt has severe wear and the belt is in contact with the groove bottom, the belt is aging, cracks or plastic distortion should be corrected. It should be replaced accordingly, and the belts on the same pulley should be replaced at the same time.
   In order to prevent the crusher belt from slipping, belt wax or belt oil should be applied to the working surface of the belt, but it is generally not used. If the belt slips, the belt tension can be increased. Keep belts and pulleys clean and tidy to prevent dust intrusion.
  V-belts produced by different factories or with different levels of new and old cannot be used in the same group, and belts of different specifications and models cannot be substituted for each other. The belt should prevent direct contact with acids, alkalis, diesel, engine oil, gasoline, etc., and avoid direct exposure to sunlight. The belt of the crusher cannot be too tight or too loose during operation, so the belt should be adjusted at any time.
  The blades in the crusher are made of high-strength refined alloy knives. This kind of blade is a meshing blade, forming a pair of rollers. When metal enters the crusher, the rollers move in opposite directions to shred the metal block. When shredding is not possible, the crusher equipment will intelligently rotate, spit out the raw materials, and bite again. Until the metal block is shredded into small pieces, it can be discharged from the discharge port to stop, and the above-mentioned shredding operation is performed from the beginning for materials that cannot meet the requirements.
   When the material enters the shredding bin, the crusher intelligently shreds the material from the thin position, and so on, until the hard part of the material is shredded and stopped. Different types of crusher equipment use different blade diameters. In principle, as long as the size of the material does not exceed the size of the cutter box, the material can be easily shredded.

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