How to adjust the gap of the discharge port of the cone crusher?

Cone crusher is a secondary crushing equipment often used in mine crushing. Shanghai Dongmeng will give you a brief introduction on how to adjust the gap of the discharge port of the cone crusher. However, in actual operation, due to the inexhaustible structure of the body of different models The same, so you can use this operating tutorial as a reference, and you can consult the staff online for detailed information.
How to adjust the gap of the discharge port of the cone crusher? Dongmeng cone crusher tells you
1. Adjusting the discharge should be carried out when the main engine is stopped, first select the safety cylinder manually and then start the hydraulic oil pump;
2. Start the lock cylinder to retract, wait for the normal pressure indicator to light up, and then start to extend and retract;
3. After the material port is adjusted, start the locking cylinder to extend, and stop the hydraulic oil pump when the pressure of the locking cylinder is 0Mpa;
4. The adjustment range of the discharge port is adjusted according to the parameter range specified on the equipment nameplate;
5. Set the safety cylinder button to select automatic.
Supplementary matters:
In the initial stage of replacing the new liner, the discharge port of the cone crusher can reach the set value of about 13mm; due to the loss of the crusher and the liner is worn to a certain extent, the size of the discharge port will expand to about 18mm, and it cannot go down. Adjustment: When the liner is worn to the later stage, the discharge port will reach about 20mm, and basically no crushing effect can be achieved.
In order to avoid this situation, the eccentricity can be adjusted from the original 50mm to 40mm, so that although the material throughput is reduced, the discharge port can be basically maintained at about 13mm, which is beneficial to increase the qualified particle size in the discharge and reduce the return of the ore. .
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