How to avoid the shaking of the crusher

As a device for processing large materials, the crusher is often used by users to report that the device is shaking. In severe cases, it can directly affect the operation of the equipment and cause damage to the equipment, so we need to quickly identify the problem The reason is solved according to the corresponding method.
   1. Pay more attention to whether the screws fixing the crusher are loose or broken. The crusher is fixed to the ground by these screws. If the screws are loose or broken, the loose side of the machine will first shake slightly. If you do not notice that the loose screws are tightened in time or the broken screws are replaced at this time, it will cause other screws to loosen or break due to shaking, and the shaking will become more serious and even damage the machine.
   2. Check whether the fixed foundation is loose. Everyone knows that building a house requires a good foundation. If the foundation is unstable, it will collapse. The same is true for the crusher, which does not shake due to the solid foundation. If the foundation of the crusher is not firm or the foundation is loosened during long-term use, it will affect the stability of the crusher. Therefore, you must lay the foundation when fixing the crusher, and check whether the foundation is loose at intervals in the future use process, and strengthen it in time if it is loose.
  3. During the use of the crusher, if the flywheel inside it deviates from its position, the machine will lose its balance and cause the machine to shake violently.
The reason for the shaking of the crusher is nothing more than the breakage or damage of the internal parts of the equipment. Therefore, the main method to ensure the normal operation of the crusher and reduce the shaking is to maintain and maintain the equipment regularly to reduce the shaking and the equipment. The probability of damage to ensure equipment operation and reduce business losses.
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