How to keep the hydraulic cone crusher high-efficiency crushing stone?

Hydraulic cone crusher has the advantages of simple structure, low manufacturing cost, high production capacity, easy maintenance, superior hydraulic adjustment and overload protection performance, especially easy realization of automatic control. It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, light industry, chemical industry, electric power and other industrial sectors. Let me explain how to maintain the high efficiency of hydraulic cone crusher to crush stone.
   1. No-load start hydraulic cone crusher needs to start under no-load state, the crusher can work normally to start feeding, so as to prevent the motor load from increasing, resulting in excessive starting current, or even burning the motor.
  2. The feed should be uniform and timely adjust the feed quantity to ensure that the feed quantity is even and appropriate, and prevent the local friction of the machine from increasing and the phenomenon of "jamming".
   3. Pay attention to check the running part. The hydraulic cone crusher is in the first trial operation stage after installation. Firstly, check whether there is jamming or collision in the running part, and then check that it is normal before it can start working. When starting, first run it for 4 hours without load, check the flexibility of the pulley, whether the machine is installed firmly, whether there are other noises, etc.
        4. Pay attention to the temperature rise of the main bearing of the rotor. Observe the temperature rise of the main bearing of the rotor when the machine is running. If the temperature is higher than the specified value, stop and check quickly. During operation, if the machine vibrates too much or the sound is abnormal, stop it quickly to check and confirm the cause.
   5. Timely repair and replacement of worn parts, especially the main wear resistance of direct contact materials such as spindles and gears, should be regularly checked and replaced in time to avoid later failures that affect production.
  6. ​​Regularly observe the cleanliness from the lower part of the cone crusher's exhaust port to the upper part of the conveyor belt, especially to prevent the blockage of foreign objects under the dust ring. Because of the accumulation of ore in the discharge port, it will also cause stuffy cars.
  7. The specification of the conveyor belt needs to meet the processing capacity of the crusher.
   8. Properly select the size of the vibrating screen for pre-screening and closed-circuit screening, and correctly select the equipment specifications and cavity type for the feed size of the crushed materials.
   9. The lubricating oil temperature cannot be too high or too low. Otherwise, it may affect the operation of the machine.
   10. Install the transmission belt not too tight. Otherwise, it will cause early wear of the bearing, inflexible rotation of the drive shaft, and breakage. If it is too loose, the crusher will become stuffy.
  11. Observe whether the voltage, current, oil temperature, and oil pressure are normal during operation, and record accurately on time.
   The above is the method to maintain the high efficiency of the hydraulic cone crusher to crush the stone. I believe that after you learn these methods, you will be able to ensure the smooth progress of the work and the steady increase of the workload!
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