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How to lubricate the crusher?

Since the working environment of the crusher is often harsh, after long-term use, large and small problems will occur, and along with the continuous reduction of work efficiency, this is normal. So in order to improve the operating effect of the crusher, Regular lubrication work is very important, and it can effectively reduce the wear of the equipment. If the wear and tear of the equipment is too serious, it must be replaced accordingly, which means that the user has to spend a portion of the income. So, how should the lubrication work be effective?
   1. The bearing of the movable jaw suspension shaft of the crusher is usually oiled with a butter cup, and the oil is oiled about every 40-60min. Thick oil is used to drip into the elbow of the thrust plate, usually every 3-4h.
  2. If the oil pump suddenly fails during the lubrication process, and the crusher needs 15-20 minutes to stop due to the large swinging force, the oil pump must be manually pressed to keep the bearings lubricated and the bearings will not be burnt.
  3. Before the equipment is started, grease must be added to the contact between the toggle plate and the toggle plate pad; the lubricating oil added to the bearing housing should be 50-70% of the volume, and be replaced every 3 to 6 months. When replacing the grease, clean gasoline or kerosene carefully to clean the raceway of the bearing. When cleaning, open the oil drain hole under the bearing seat and clean all parts before replacing it with new lubricant.
  4. In winter, thin oil can be added to the lubricating oil to avoid solidification of the lubricating oil. After the lubricating oil is added, the sealing work must be done to prevent dust from entering to avoid affecting the lubrication effect. Pay attention to the oil temperature of the lubricating oil when the crusher is working. The oil temperature should not be too high and should be controlled below 60 degrees.
   5. Frequent attention and timely lubrication of the friction surface can ensure the normal operation of the machine and extend the service life of the machine. In the production process, add appropriate amount of grease every 400 hours of work; every 2000 hours of work, open the spindle assembly to clean the bearings; replace the new bearings every 7200 hours of work.
   When the crusher is lubricated, the operator must pay attention to the standard steps of draining the oil, the corresponding time control, and the precautions of each component, etc. Only after mastering such operations can the occurrence of problems be avoided, which will affect the effect of lubrication. The lubrication work should be carried out on a regular basis. Do not work too frequently or with a long interval. Both methods are not advisable. It is recommended to choose a suitable lubrication time according to the condition of the crusher.

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