How to maintain the efficiency of the sand production line during the rainy season?

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How to maintain the efficiency of the sand production line during the rainy season?

As we all know, the sand making production line is a set of very expensive equipment, and many companies buy it at a higher cost. Therefore, when the machine is put into production, we all want to make the machine better improve work efficiency within a certain period of time, and create more economic benefits for the enterprise. This is the effect that every enterprise wants to achieve. But we also know that the sand production lines are all working outdoors. In the rainy season, the work efficiency is generally affected by the weather, resulting in unsaturation of work. So, how can the efficiency of the sand production line be maintained during the rainy season? Let's learn and understand together.
 1. In general, the equipment used by sand manufacturers is electrically driven. However, in the rainy season, the rain environment will affect the circuit, which will cause leakage and power outages, which will affect the normal progress of work and affect work efficiency.
2. During the production of sand and gravel aggregates, rainwater will wet the materials and increase the humidity of the materials, which will increase the difficulty of crushing the materials and cause the mud to block the discharge port. If the situation is serious, it will directly damage the sand making machine equipment.
3. The machine washed by rain will cause corrosion and rust on the surface of the sand production line equipment, which will accelerate the wear of parts, shorten the service life of the machine and equipment, and increase the consumption of production costs.
 Measures for the production efficiency of the sand production line in the rainy season:
1. Take protective measures against leakage and waterproofing of machinery, equipment and materials to effectively avoid water leakage and electricity leakage, thereby reducing production.
2. Set up a canopy on the site of the sand production line to ensure that the equipment can be insulated from rain. Pay attention to the weather at all times and be prepared to shut down when the weather is bad.
3. Operators should always carry out inspections and equipment maintenance, lubricate parts and components in advance, and perform fault repairs in time to avoid failures of the entire sand production line.

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