How to prevent the crusher bearing temperature from being too

In order to quickly complete the construction work, many companies often leave the crusher in a long-term working state, causing the temperature of each part of the equipment to be too high, especially the bearing part of the equipment. If the high temperature of the equipment is not resolved quickly, not only It will reduce the efficiency of the equipment, but also increase the speed of equipment damage.
  The bearing is an important part of the crusher. For high-temperature work, always pay attention to the temperature of the bearing to keep it in a good lubrication state, and pay attention to whether there is abnormal sound and vibration. If it is found to be abnormal, immediately stop for inspection, find out the cause, and confirm whether it is stuck by a non-breakable object or the hammer head and other parts are damaged.
  Secondly, when the machine is running at a high speed, frictional heat will cause the temperature of the parts to rise. Lubricating oil can be used for lubrication. The heat of constant friction will heat up the oil and take away the heat, reducing the temperature of the friction surface.
Therefore, if it is found that the temperature of the crusher bearing is too high, it is difficult to see whether it is due to the high temperature phenomenon caused by the serious friction of the bearing or the fault of foreign matter, so as to carry out the corresponding treatment, and in order to alleviate this phenomenon, we also Periodic inspection and maintenance of bearing lubricants and equipment operation are required to minimize equipment failures caused by this situation.
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