How to use the impact sand making machine to be more fuel-efficient?

Before using the impact sand making machine to crush the material, it is generally checked whether enough oil is added. When using it, you should also pay attention to saving oil as much as possible, not to waste too much oil. At the same time, saving oil is also a way to save operating costs. So are there any tricks to make the device fuel-efficient:
       1. Be careful not to overload the impact sand making machine. Develop a good habit of repairing and checking in time, solving problems in time when problems are found, and don't let the equipment continue to work under symptoms.
  2, maintain the correct switching speed, do not switch the machine frequently. The fewer the number of switches, the more fuel-efficient.
  3. Check whether the impact sand making machine is leaking oil, and whether the quality of the lubricating oil used by yourself is qualified. Good use of engine oil can also save fuel.
  4. Avoid idling. When the engine is idling, the oil is also consumed.
   These methods can make the sand making machine fuel-efficient, but also can play a role in maintenance, pay attention not to switch the machine frequently during use. Also pay attention to shutdown when not in use. Choose the right lubricant. Clean up impurities in time.
The structure of the impact sand making machine:
  Impact sand making machine is mainly composed of eight parts: feeder, distributor, vortex crushing cavity, impeller experience, main shaft assembly, base transmission device and motor.
   Principle of Impact Sand Making Machine:
At present, most of the new sand making machines use the combination of hydraulic drive and automatic discharging of stone crushing technology. Based on the traditional sand making principle, it has been innovated according to the actual use and operating conditions of the customer site, and is very suitable for the sand making market , Is also the current economical and practical sand making technology.
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