Installation skills of crusher shaft sleeve.

In recent years, the crusher has become more and more popular. At the same time, the method of replacing the crusher has been mature. If you simply operate it, you can easily repair some minor problems. Let me introduce you to the tips of how to repair.
   The analysis of the working environment, material hardness, humidity, composition and other reasons at the site of enterprise development and production activities led to frequent replacement of crusher bearings. There are the following problems in the maintenance work when replacing the bearing: First, the sleeve installation efficiency is low. The installation method of using a hammer to install the sleeve on-site, that is, hammer the sleeve with a locking cap, the locking cap is screwed into the sleeve and pushed into and pressurized. This method of installing the shaft sleeve by tapping the lock cap is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the labor relationship of the installation operation manager is high and the work learning efficiency is low.
The second is the greater risk of installation work. Two people are required to work together to install the bushing by manpower tapping. One person hammers and the other rightes the percussion rod. The hammering operation is very risky and easy to cause mechanical damage to the operators. The method is optimized. Measures For the problems of low installation efficiency and high operational risk in the installation of the crusher shaft sleeve, consider making special tools for shaft sleeve installation.
   Crusher bushing installation special tools: proper selection of the inner diameter and internal thread parameters of the locking cap (the thickness can be carried out according to the actual situation) production and processing special tools for installation. The inner ring is processed and threaded, and 12 12.5 bottom holes are drilled around the inner ring. High-speed tapping can be performed with M14*2.0 taps, and M14*2.0 feed bolts are matched. Structure description Schematic diagram of the special tool for installing the sleeve when installing the sleeve. Screw in the special tool so that the root of the feed bolt rests on the sleeve. Use an electric wrench to tighten the feed bolt diagonally to transfer the feed bolt to the sleeve shaft. Toward thrust to achieve the purpose of mounting and fastening the shaft sleeve. Special tools used to install the casing not only save time and energy, but also improve installation efficiency and reduce operational risks.
   According to the analysis of the research on the teaching effect of on-site management and use of special tools for bushing installation, the way and method of bushing installation can be optimized can greatly improve the installation efficiency and reduce the risk of installation work, achieving the expected goal. This special tool can be widely used in the installation process of the same type of crusher bushings. On-site maintenance and installation of machinery and equipment are high-risk industries. Equipment management and technical personnel should broaden their management thinking and improve operational efficiency and reduce operational risks by optimizing operation methods and other measures.
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