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Internal structure of crusher

The crushing system of the crusher is a very important internal structural facility, and the output quality, product, product rate, etc. are all controlled by the internal crushing system, and the design and manufacturing process of the crushing system will directly affect In view of the competitiveness of this crusher equipment in the market and the scope of application in the industry, what components are used to construct the crushing system inside the crusher?
It is necessary to know that there are multiple hammer heads installed on the main shaft of the crusher, and the pin shafts penetrate through the surrounding pin holes, and the pin shafts are used to connect the penetration between the various pituitary bodies, which helps to make the hammer head wear and adjust Replace the crushing surface to prolong the service life of the hammer. The distance between the middle pin hole and the rotary axis is different. It is mainly used to adjust the gap between the hammer and the grate, so as to be more helpful to improve the control of the discharge. Size and discharge rate.
In order to prevent the movement of the pituitary body and the hammer head, the hammer plate and lock nut are used at both ends to fix it. The spindle and the motor are connected by elastic couplings. In order to make the rotor run more smoothly, the spindle A flywheel is installed in the first section. The two ends of the grate plate are installed on the beam, and the middle convex part in the middle is to facilitate the setting of material removal after crushing.

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