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Is bluestone making sand good? Bluestone sand making machine

After natural sand was restricted in mining, machine-made sand became the main raw material in various industries, and bluestone is a kind of widely distributed in the earth's crust. The gray or off-white sedimentary rock generated in the Haihu Basin has attracted the attention of many investors, but Is bluestone making sand good? How effective is the bluestone sand making machine?

1. Is bluestone making sand good?
Is bluestone making sand good? In fact, it is very good in terms of finished product size, sand quality, grain type, application field and investment cost. It belongs to the category of limestone and is a more environmentally friendly stone among all kinds of stones. At the same time, the water absorption rate is ≤0.75%, The bending strength is ≥10.0MPa, and the gloss is about 60, which is more popular among the public.
1. At present, the resource utilization rate of the bluestone mines that are formally mined has reached more than 90%, which can be processed into coarse sand, medium sand, and fine sand according to customer needs, with many specifications and wide applications;
2. Bluestone sand has good adhesion, compression resistance, corrosion resistance, no radiation, and long service life;
3. The finished product has uniform particle size, fewer needles and flakes, reasonable gradation, and more stable quality than natural sand;
4. The bluestone resources are rich and stable, which can ensure the continuous supply of highways, railways, construction sand and other industries;
5. The cost of bluestone raw materials is low. As long as a few sand making equipment are required, the overall investment cost is reduced compared with natural sand;
2. How much is a bluestone sand making machine?
Regarding the price of a bluestone sand making machine, according to the current understanding, there is no specific figure. The price fluctuates mainly due to equipment output, model, transportation and manufacturer selection. Relatively speaking, the larger the model and output, the higher the price. Commonly used equipment such as impact sand making machine and fine crushing sand making machine can be selected according to actual needs.
Impact sand making machine
Integrating various crushing modes, it mainly adopts the working methods of "stone beating stone" and "stone beating iron". Among them, stone beating is suitable for bluestone, with large output and high efficiency. Through the design of deep cavity impeller, the throughput is increased, and the surrounding guard plate can be up and down. U-turn, while adopting the combined throwing head, only need to replace the worn parts, which can reduce the use cost. The hydraulic cover opening device is convenient for maintenance and easy maintenance.

Fine Crushing Sand Making Machine
It is a continuous operation equipment with simple equipment structure, stable and reliable operating performance, simplified process, stable and reliable operating performance, long service life of the hammer, and an investment of less than half of the same. Its grate design can easily adjust and control the discharge particle size. When handling materials with certain humidity and viscosity, the working conditions can be improved by adjusting the grate.
How effective is the bluestone sand making machine?
1. Bluestone sand making _ cube up to 98%
The sand produced by the bluestone through the Red Star sand making machine has a good grain shape and uniform size, with a cube content of up to 98%, a small stone powder content, and particle gradation, mud content, crushing indicators and other technical indicators.
2. Bluestone sand making is uniform and non-sticky
The Dongmeng bluestone sand making machine adopts the optimized design of the impact angle of the material in the crushing chamber, which has little friction with the wear-resistant parts, and the processing strength is improved. After the uniform strength, the size of the bluestone sand is uniform;
Affected by the moisture content of the material is small, when processing high-moisture bluestone materials, there will be no adhesion or blockage of the discharge port.
3. The cleanliness of bluestone sand making is high
The bluestone sand making machine is equipped with a screening device at the feed inlet, so that the bluestone will go through a screening before entering the bluestone sand making machine to discharge impurities, so the produced bluestone sand is clean and free of impurities.

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