Is the jaw crusher more suitable for granite crushing?

The hardness of granite is large, and the hammer crusher is suitable for the softness and hardness of the raw materials. If the hammer crusher is used to process granite, the price of the hammer crusher is lower than other crushers, and the user's initial cost is relatively low. However, considering that the hardness of granite is particularly high, the wear parts of the hammer crusher will wear faster, so the life of some parts will be affected, and the later maintenance cost is relatively high.
So, which stone crusher is suitable for processing granite?
Under comprehensive consideration, the more suitable crusher equipment is: the jaw crusher is used for the coarse crushing operation, and the cone crusher is used for the secondary crushing operation. Both types of rock crushers are high-pressure resistant equipment with stable operation, strong production capacity and low production costs.
The classic combination of jaw crusher and cone crusher is the nemesis of hard stones. A piece of ore can be crushed by a combination of forces such as squeezing, crushing, impact, and shearing. In order to ensure that the equipment can work with high processing efficiency when crushing hard materials, the core rotating parts of the C6X jaw crusher have been finely processed, so that it has strong power and reasonable equipment speed, and the quality of the finished product is correspondingly improved.
The cone crusher mainly uses the interaction between the crushing cone and the mortar wall to crush the stone. The main crushing form is extrusion crushing. The material is crushed by the principle of lamination crushing. The crushing efficiency is high, and the wearing parts are low. Cube, with high fine-grained content, can well meet the needs of some high-quality aggregates at this stage.
In short, if you choose the combination of jaw crusher and cone crusher, it is more suitable for processing hard rock such as granite. Although the equipment has a high initial investment cost, the production cost is low, the return is high, and the payback speed is relatively fast.
You should make a reasonable and effective choice based on your actual production situation. If you want to know more about the crusher, please call or consult or leave a message online, and we will arrange professionals to answer your questions.
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