Jaw crusher 6 major structure composition and 3 major maintenance programs

For the jaw crusher, when it is used, it is inevitable to carry out operations such as maintenance and parts replacement. If these operations are carried out on the basis of understanding its structure, it will be twice the result with half the effort, so understand the structure of the machine It is very important, and maintenance in its production is to reduce failures and increase efficiency, so maintenance is another important factor we need to understand. Here is to introduce the 6 major components of the jaw crusher and 3 major maintenance programs.
1. Six major components
The six major components of the jaw crusher mainly include the frame, the jaw plate and the side guards, the transmission parts, the adjusting device, the flywheel, the lubricating device, etc. The functions or structures of these different components are mainly as follows:
1. The frame is used to support the eccentric shaft and bear the reaction force of the crushed material. Therefore, it is required to have sufficient strength and rigidity. Generally, the frame of the jaw crusher is cast steel integrally cast, which can be used for small machines High-quality cast iron replaces cast steel. The frame of the mainframe needs to be cast in sections, and then firmly connected into a whole with bolts;
2. Jaw plate and side guard plate. The jaw plate is fixed on the jaw bed with bolts and wedge irons. The fixed jaw bed is the front wall of the frame, and the movable jaw bed hangs on the circumference. It must have sufficient strength and rigidity. If the strength and rigidity requirements are not met, it will not be able to withstand the crushing reaction force, and it will be easily damaged during production;
3. The transmission part, the eccentric shaft of the jaw crusher is its main shaft, which bears huge bending and torsion forces during production, so both its manufacturing process and material selection are very strict. Generally, it is made of high carbon steel. , It must be finished, heat-treated, and the bearing lining shall be cast with Babbitt alloy to ensure its strength;
4. Regulating device, jaw crusher has many adjustment methods, but the wedge type is often used;
5. Flywheel, which is mainly used to store the energy during the idle stroke of the movable jaw. It is often made of cast iron or cast steel. The flywheel of a small machine is often made into an integral type. Pay attention to static balance when installing;
6. Lubrication device, this device is mainly to reduce the wear and tear of the jaw crusher when it is working, and to ensure its smooth working process;
Two, 3 major maintenance programs
For the maintenance of jaw crusher, the main purpose is to reduce equipment damage, extend service life, and increase production efficiency. It can be divided into three aspects: inspection of equipment, lubrication of equipment, and maintenance of equipment :
1. Inspection of equipment
This inspection mainly occurs when the machine is switched on and off. It is mainly to check the wear of the internal parts of the jaw crusher, so that the existing problems can be found in time and prevent the production of the machine from having a greater impact. In addition, for the production line The conveyor belt should also be checked, because the conveyor belt drives the rotation of the jaw crusher, regularly check its wear and tear, and adjust its tightness to ensure its uniform force;
2. Lubrication of equipment
Due to the existence of wear when the jaw crusher is working, it is necessary to reduce this wear through lubrication, and the use of lubricating oil can also take away some of the heat to prevent the phenomenon of excessive temperature and noise of the equipment. Pay attention to it when lubricating What is the choice of lubricant model and the cleanliness of lubricant;
3. Maintenance of equipment
For the maintenance of the jaw crusher, it is to carry out large, medium and small repairs when it is working. This kind of maintenance is to solve possible problems in a timely manner. The minor repair period is about 1-3 months, and the medium repair period is generally It is about 1-2 years, and the period of overhaul is generally about 5 years. The content included in each is also different. This is described in detail in the operating instructions when the jaw crusher leaves the factory.
This article mainly introduces the 6 major structural components and 3 major maintenance schemes of the jaw crusher. The understanding of its structure can be better used and repaired, and the understanding of maintenance can reduce the occurrence of failures. Then, the structure and The maintenance plan was introduced in detail.
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