Main points of operation and maintenance of crusher in rainy season

01. First of all, how to prevent lightning from shaking the motor? Take measures to prevent lightning. For example, store new equipment that has not been installed in a dry and ventilated room; if indoor conditions are not available, cover the equipment with wooden boards and wrap the equipment with insulating plastic and other related products to prevent electric shock. In addition, some precision components or connection parts in the electric control system of the crusher may be misaligned due to acoustic shock. Therefore, maintenance work must be done to reduce losses.
02. In the rainy season, pay attention to the power supply of the equipment, check the power cord junction box in time, and take waterproof measures for the crusher junction box. Water is easy to conduct. Therefore, when it rains, you should be careful to get caught and take safety precautions. There is a short circuit, etc.
03. The motor is a key part of the equipment operation. Waterproof measures should be taken to avoid rainwater burning and affecting normal work.
04. Check the electrode wiring of the battery, pay attention to the adjustment of the electrolyte density, and always supply power to the battery during the rainy season and maintain the preheating device.
05. Try to avoid the crusher from being exposed to rain for a long time, so as not to rust and cause poor operation.
06. Add some lubricating oil to the crusher regularly, and the usual lubricating oil cannot be used in rainy weather. The crusher should be replaced with special lubricating oil and grease for the rainy season. Pay attention to cleaning when changing the oil. There are also requirements for the diesel used, so choose diesel with a lower freezing point.

07. Do not park machinery and equipment too close to the edge of cliffs and ditches. All equipment should be parked in a place where the ground is solid and non-hazardous, and cannot be parked in dangerous places such as side slopes, slopes greater than 20 degrees, and soft ground.
08. Pay attention to the feed of the crusher, control the water content of the mineral material, try not to shovel the mineral material with lower terrain and more water into the crusher, and if possible, dry it first to reduce the mineral material. Of moisture.
09. Check whether the protective shell of the control cabinet is leaking, repair the damage in time, and make a backup control cabinet plan. Generally speaking, the control cabinet itself has a metal shell, but this key part cannot be ignored in the rainy season.
10. All exposed electrical switches and switchboards on the site need to be protected with insulating materials before the rainy season. The protective doors of the distribution boxes and cabinets should be equipped with complete equipment and the surrounding debris should be cleaned.
11. Rainwater is corrosive to steel. Managers and operators should take effective measures according to local weather conditions and air pollution to reduce the impact of chemical corrosion on machinery.
12. Ensure that the brake fluid is sufficient to ensure normal operation.
13. For exposed belt conveyors, the belt may slip and affect transportation after being wetted by rain. A rain (dust) cover can be added to prevent rain.
14. During the production process, if there is a thunderstorm, the production should be stopped, and the staff should hide in a safe place, avoid approaching and contacting high metal objects or metal objects connected to it to prevent lightning strikes.
In the summer, "high temperature" and "rainy season" will inevitably have a certain impact on production. What we can do is to do a good job of protection and reduce the loss to a low level. I hope the above 14 operation and maintenance measures will help your production. If you have any other questions, please leave a message for consultation!
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