Maintenance of the rotor of the crusher

The rotor of the crusher plays a key role in the entire crushing device. Because the rotor is always in a relatively harsh environment, it is normal for some failures to occur. For this reason, we should do regular maintenance work on the rotor.
   1. The model of the crusher rotor bearing. As the crusher works under severe conditions for a long time, it will aggravate the wear of the rotor bearing. However, rotor bearings are not only expensive, but also very difficult to replace, which can easily cause loss of production shutdown. Therefore, we must first choose the correct rotor bearing model.
   Double row radial spherical roller bearings have the advantages of strong load-bearing capacity and good self-aligning performance. Therefore, crushers often use this kind of bearings as rotor bearings. In addition, the calculated life of the bearing should be 5000-10000h.
   2. The force status of the crusher rotor bearing. The impact load of the crusher on the bearing mainly depends on the impulse acting on the rotor and the support flexibility of the bearing seat. Increasing the support flexibility of the bearing seat will reduce the impact load on the bearing.
   For this reason, a rubber plate of appropriate thickness can be added between the bearing seat and the support frame to improve the support flexibility of the bearing seat. Since the rubber plate is added, the support flexibility can be increased, part of the vibration energy can be absorbed, and the force condition of the bearing can be improved, so the purpose of extending the service life can be achieved.
   Third, the balance accuracy of the crusher rotor. The rotor of the crusher has a large mass and a high speed. The casting deviation of the rotor body and the mass deviation caused by the installation of the plate hammer will cause the unbalanced centrifugal force when the rotor rotates. This centrifugal force causes the machine to generate forced vibrations, causing damage to bearings and other mechanical parts. Therefore, the rotor of the crusher must be balanced.
  If the diameter of the rotor body is small, the mass of the blocking plates on both sides of the rotor body can be changed to balance; if the diameter of the rotor body is larger, the counterweight can be welded on the outer wall of the rotor body. In order to prevent the counterweight from falling during the vibration process, several rows of grooves can be cast in appropriate positions, the counterweight is embedded in it, and then welded on, which is firm and beautiful.
   Fourth, the matching relationship between the crusher rotor bearings. The rotor bearing of the crusher is mainly subjected to the impact load when it is working. The size of the load on the rolling element is different. The rolling element under the combined force of the impact load receives the largest force. The inner and outer ring raceways are also here and The force is greatest when the rolling elements are in contact. Since the inner ring keeps rotating when it is working, the contact points on the track will circulate from the maximum force to the minimum force. Therefore, it is necessary to make the inner ring fit tightly so that a certain point does not stay under the force. The phenomenon at the biggest point. The outer ring is different. The outer ring is relatively fixed, and the point of maximum force will stay at a fixed point. Therefore, if the outer ring is loosely fitted, it may move slightly under the impact force, thereby increasing the maximum force. Point to extend the life of the outer ring.
   The above are the four main points of the maintenance of the crusher's rotor. In normal use, pay more attention to regular maintenance, which can not only maintain a good operating state, but also extend the service life of the equipment.
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