Measures to prevent the crusher from jamming

During the use of impact crushing, if you encounter materials with high moisture content, it is likely to cause the crusher to jam, and the materials in the crusher cavity cannot be discharged normally or the material is slow, which affects the enterprise Construction process, so we need to deal with it as soon as possible.
  1: Pre-screening, pre-washing, and ore blending can be used to control moisture, but some ores are more difficult to process;
  2: Pre-screening is also possible, and the discharge port is appropriately enlarged; the discharge efficiency is increased;
  3: You can also reduce the spindle speed and increase the discharge port;
   Four: The discharge opening can also be adjusted, but the angle should not be too flat.
  For the situation of crusher jam, we can refer to the methods provided above, which can not only solve more quickly and effectively, but also improve the efficiency of equipment use, promote the efficiency of enterprise construction, and reduce costs.
  When the crusher is in use, the problem of material jam should be solved in time to prevent the equipment from being damaged due to the material jam and mechanical damage will not operate.
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