Operating steps for replacing movable jaw wedge of jaw crusher

Today we will introduce how to replace the movable jaw wedge of the jaw crusher, including how to remove the movable jaw wedge and how to install the movable jaw wedge.
 Pay attention to the following points before replacing the movable jaw wedge:
1. Only trained and authorized personnel are allowed to perform replacement operations;
2. Before removing any protective device or cover of the jaw crusher, or performing any part replacement on the jaw crusher, always cut off the power supply of the jaw crusher;
3. Please use lifting equipment with sufficient lifting capacity. Do not stand or allow anyone else to stand under the lifted or suspended equipment;
4. When disassembling and installing jaw crusher components, safety precautions such as locking and tagging procedures must be implemented;
5. When replacing parts and vulnerable parts of the jaw crusher, sharp edges may be exposed. Always wear protective gloves.
So how to remove the movable jaw wedge of the jaw crusher? The detailed operation steps are as follows:
1. First, empty the remaining material processed in the jaw crusher discharge port and the crushing chamber;
2. Make sure that the movable jaw body is tilted back so that the jaw plate will not fall forward when the movable jaw wedge is disassembled; the danger of crushing caused by the movable jaw guard plate must be prevented during the removal process;
3. After removing the movable jaw wedge, make sure to tighten the movable jaw guard firmly before performing any other work in the crushing chamber;
note! Place two supporting materials between the jaws to prevent the jaws under the movable jaw wedge from falling out.

4. Use a percussion wrench and a combination wrench to loosen the nut (4) that fixes the movable jaw wedge (2);
5. Remove the nut (4);
6. Knock out the bolt (3) and the movable jaw wedge (2).
Recommended tools for removing the movable jaw wedge
46 mm tap wrench
46 mm dual purpose wrench support
Then continue to talk about how to install the movable jaw wedge of the jaw crusher. The detailed steps are as follows:
note! If you plan to replace more parts in the crushing chamber, please refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer before installing the new movable jaw wedge.
1. Clean the slot where the movable jaw wedge is located;
2. Use the bolt (3) to push in the movable jaw wedge (2);
3. Put the nut (4) on the bolt (3);
4. Tighten the nut (4) with a percussion wrench and a combination wrench;
note! The movable jaw wedge should not be in contact with the jaw at the top of the slot, and the new movable jaw wedge should be moved at least 10mm for wear;
5. Remove the support material from the crushing chamber.
note! The above installation steps must be carried out according to the correct installation procedures for daily inspection and maintenance. If necessary, tighten the nuts.
      The above is the detailed steps to replace the mobile jaw wedge of jaw crusher. If you need jaw crusher accessories, please contact the nearest agent of "Shanghai Hengyuan Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd." or directly call our service hotline: 4008202021, the following is jaw Table of wear parts of type crusher:
Jaw crusher parts name quantity parts weight
Front wall fixed wedge 1 static jaw, weight 116kg
Bolt M56×615 3 static jaw
Self-locking nut M56 6 static jaw
Washer 56 3 static jaw
Movable jaw wedge 1 Movable jaw, weight 145kg
Bolt M56×1155 3 movable jaw
Self-locking nut M56 3 movable jaw
      note! This article is applicable to both movable jaws and stationary jaws. This article describes the replacement steps of the movable jaw wedge of the movable jaw. The fixed and movable jaws should be replaced when 15% of the tooth height is worn away (about 6mm-8mm left), otherwise it will cause sudden load changes and damage the equipment.
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