Performance characteristics of sand making machine

Sand making machine is suitable for crushing soft or medium hard and extremely hard ore materials with hardness not higher than 320pa. Sand making machine is widely used in large, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other departments. The performance characteristics of sand making machine are as follows:
1. Large treatment capacity and high yield
Compared with the traditional equipment under the same power, the output is increased by 30% and is stable.
2. Low consumption of wearing parts:
The good design of material impact angle in crushing chamber can reduce the friction with wear-resistant parts, 30% lower than the operation cost of traditional equipment, and directly reduce the use cost of equipment.
3. The product has excellent particle shape
The product is cubic, with good grain shape, reasonable gradation and adjustable fineness modulus. It is especially suitable for artificial sand making and stone shaping. The practice has proved that the effect of sand making and shaping with other traditional equipment is improved by 30%.
4. Hydraulic device, easy to maintain:
The hydraulic cover opening device makes the maintenance and replacement of the components in the crushing chamber convenient and quick, shortens the shutdown time and saves time and effort.
5. Automatic detection, safe and reliable:
Set over vibration display and alarm device, if the equipment is in bad operation, it can send out a warning to stop the equipment and achieve the purpose of protecting the machine
⒍ thin oil lubrication, automatic maintenance:
Germany's original thin oil lubrication station, double oil pumps complement each other to ensure oil supply, automatic shutdown when there is no oil flow or oil pressure; oil cooling and heating device ensures that bearing lubrication is always in good condition. So as to solve the problem of bearing heating, keep the spindle bearing constant temperature, and prolong the maintenance cycle and service life.
⒎ it is easy to install and operate
The equipment is light in weight, various in installation methods, and can be installed in a movable way; the installation, maintenance and maintenance are simple, and the operation and use are convenient; once the specific purpose is defined, the VSI sand making machine only needs to be slightly adjusted to give full play to its higher performance.
8. One machine is versatile and flexible in application
Feed crushing structure, with a variety of crushing cavity type, can be very convenient to achieve the "stone to stone" and "stone to iron" conversion, thus solving the problem of multi-purpose machine. If we want to change the application of VSI crusher, there is no need to make large adjustment, it can meet the different needs of users: artificial sand making, gravel shaping, abrasive materials, etc.
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