Reasons for the loosening of the adjustment cap of the crushe

The adjustment cap of the crusher is one of the accessories to ensure the smooth operation of the crusher. However, because the equipment is often crushed by large materials, and the working environment is not very good, the equipment often has some problems, and the adjustment cap Loose problems are more common. In order to solve this problem quickly, we need to understand the reasons for the loosening.
   1. The threads of the support sleeve and the adjustment sleeve are worn out; when the crusher is performing crushing operations, the adjustment cap or the inclined iron key is not fully locked.
   2. The crusher discharge port is too small or too large; the crushing wall and the rolling mortar wall are too thick; when the adjusting cap locking rod is broken, the crusher is still in working condition.
In summary, understand and grasp the reason for the loosening of the adjustment cap of the crusher, so that the company has quick solutions and measures, which can not only prevent the adjustment cap of the crusher from loosening, but also ensure the quality and efficiency of the equipment Improvement.
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