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Reasons for the poor screening quality of mobile crushing stations

Before the material is added to the mobile crushing station, the particle size is not exactly the same, so after the crushing operation, the particle size will not be the same. Even due to insufficient crushing and other reasons, the particle level will be much worse, so Screening is carried out to separate them, and then different grades of materials are processed differently to achieve the effect of uniform particles in the finished product.
However, in the mobile crushing station, sometimes there will be a phenomenon of poor screening effect. This phenomenon will cause the material separation process to be impossible to achieve. At this time, the uniformity of the finished product will not be achieved, so the finished product will not be very good. Good application will affect the profit of production engineering. For this phenomenon, it is necessary to find the reason for the poor screening effect in time and solve it, so as to ensure the profit problem of mobile crushing station production.
Reason 1: blocked screen
In the production of mobile crushing station, if the added material contains high mud and water content, it will stick to the screen holes and block the screen holes. At this time, the phenomenon of poor screening will naturally occur. The solution It is to clean the sieve holes first, and then adjust the water spray amount and the inclination of the sieve surface appropriately;
Reason two, the sieve holes are severely worn
For all equipment in the mobile crushing station, it is inevitable that there will be wear and tear during long-term use. This phenomenon is the same for the screen holes. When the wear is serious, it will affect the screening. The solution at this time is to repair the worn screen holes. When the abrasion is serious and cannot be repaired, the screen should be replaced;
Reason three, the sieve feed is uneven
We know that the mobile crushing plant can be put into production without installation. It is the equipment assembled by the manufacturer, but after long-distance transportation, the configuration may have some changes, which is why the station needs to be checked before being put into production The reason is that when the feeding trough of the screen of the station is too narrow, the material will not be evenly distributed along the entire screen surface, so that the screen surface cannot be used effectively, and the screening effect will be affected. The solution at this time is to adjust the feed The groove width makes the sieve feed evenly;
Reason 4: The material on the screen is too thick
When the mobile crushing station is working, the poor screening effect may be caused by the excessive thickness of the material on the screen. This phenomenon is caused by the increase of the feed volume, the blockage of the screen hole, and the small inclination of the screen surface. The solution at this time is to adjust the specific situation;
This article mainly introduces the reasons for the poor screening quality of the mobile crushing station. We first analyze the hazards of the poor screening effect-affecting the quality of the finished product, and then introduce the reasons for the poor screening effect, mainly in four aspects, and The situation in these aspects is introduced, and solutions are also given. Other issues related to the mobile crushing station also need to be resolved in time to ensure the effect of production.

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