The difference between European version of crusher and ordina

The European version of the crusher mentioned here generally refers to the European version of the jaw crusher. As a "veteran" figure in the crushing industry, the jaw crusher can be described as "respected and respected", then this jaw crusher is an upgraded work, What are the differences compared with ordinary jaw crushers?
   1. Different crushing cavity types
Ordinary crusher: semi-V-shaped crushing cavity European version crusher: V-shaped crushing cavity The V-shaped cavity structure makes the actual inlet width consistent with the nominal inlet width, and it is easier to discharge, not easy to block, and not easy Jumping material, deeper crushing cavity, no dead zone, higher crushing efficiency.
  2, the structure is different
Compared with ordinary crushers, the European version of the crusher has a larger eccentric shaft and a longer jaw plate, which reduces the weight of the equipment and increases its own strength. The crushing structure has been fully optimized and designed. Under the same power, the output is greater than Ordinary jaw crusher. The non-welded detachable frame, the side panel of the frame, the front wall panel and the rear beam are connected by cylindrical pins, which is not only convenient for transportation and installation (especially for underground installation), but also more robust and reliable. Compared with the ordinary jaw crusher, the bearing specifications are enlarged and the service life is prolonged. Moreover, the movable jaw and the frame 4 bearings have the same specifications and the same type, which is more convenient for maintenance.
  3, different performance
The European version of the crusher adopts centralized hydraulic lubrication, which can make bearing lubrication more convenient and efficient; wedge-type adjustment, by means of the relative movement of the two wedges between the adjusting seat and the rear wall of the frame to realize the adjustment of the crusher discharge opening , Can achieve stepless adjustment, convenient and time-saving, no need to stop, high efficiency; at the same time, the size of the feed port is larger, the crushing capacity is stronger, and the output is larger.
  Many people are entangled when choosing, is it better to use an ordinary crusher or a European version? To be honest, the European version of the crusher is definitely better, after all, it is an upgraded product, and it is superior in terms of service life, service life, and maintenance rate. However, you must choose according to your own needs when choosing. The advanced one is not necessarily good. If your production requirements are not high, you can also choose an ordinary crusher. It is cheap and suitable for production lines with low investment and low production volume. , And for large-scale, high-yield, environmentally friendly, energy-saving production lines, the European version of the crusher is more efficient, more convenient in operation and maintenance, and more environmentally friendly.
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