The installation of the base and rotating shaft of the hammer crusher must be strictly level?

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The installation of the base and rotating shaft of the hammer crusher must be strictly level?

As all walks of life continue to advocate "environmental production, energy saving and emission reduction", this has become an important task for the development of the crusher industry. As part of the construction of important infrastructure, mining machinery and equipment are imperative.
Energy saving and emission reduction means saving energy, reducing energy consumption, and reducing pollutant emissions. Energy conservation and emission reduction include two main technical areas of energy conservation and emission reduction. The two are related and different. Generally speaking, energy saving must reduce emissions, and reducing emissions may not save energy. Therefore, emission reduction projects must strengthen the application of energy-saving technologies, avoid the sharp increase in energy consumption caused by unilateral pursuit of emission reduction effects, and pay attention to the balance between social and environmental benefits.
Hammer crushers are very popular among mining companies. Taking cone crusher as an example, cone crusher can be widely used in metallurgy, building materials, mining, chemical industry and other industries, and can be used in iron ore, copper ore, limestone, quartz, granite, etc. Hard materials, such as basalt, pebbles, marble, sandstone, etc.
With the rapid economic development and the continuous discovery and development of mineral resources, crushing equipment has been well developed, and market competition has become increasingly fierce. Therefore, R&D innovation, improving market competitiveness, and expanding product production capacity are the transformation directions of crusher manufacturers.
The crusher mainly crushes various stone materials. According to the crushing principle and the different particle size of the product, it is divided into multiple models. Crushers are widely used in mining, smelting, construction materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries.
The crusher uses a high-speed rotating hammer to crush materials. Therefore, the installation of the base and the rotating shaft must be strictly horizontal, and the longitudinal error should not be greater than 0.5/1000mm, and the axial error should not be greater than 0.1/1000mm.
The gap between the hammer head and the grate of the crusher can be adjusted by two eccentric wheels located at the lower part of the grate according to the requirements of the crushing granularity. Gap adjustment requirements: When the crushing size of the material is 5mm, the gap between the hammer head and the grate can be adjusted to 10~15mm; when the crushing size is 10mm, the gap can be adjusted to 15~25mm. The gap of the grate itself can also be adjusted by adding or reducing gaskets within a certain range according to the size of the crushed particles.
When using the crusher, check the wear of the liner, hammer head and grate regularly. If necessary, it should be replaced in time. After the hammer head is worn out, it can be used for surfacing repair of alloy electrodes, but the surfacing should be symmetrical and balanced, otherwise it will cause unbalanced operation of the equipment and cause severe vibration.
The hammer head must be replaced in pairs according to the relative position, otherwise it will cause the rotor to rotate unbalanced.
The high temperature of the rotor bearing must not exceed 70°C. If the temperature exceeds 70°C, inspection and treatment should be stopped immediately.
If thin oil lubrication is used in the bearing box, the bearing should be lubricated every 8 hours of work. The oil level should be kept at the center of the low ball, and the lubricant should be replaced every 3 months. If it is dry oil lubrication, the dry oil cup should be tightened 2 to 3 times per shift, a certain amount of dry oil should be added, and the bearings should be cleaned every six months.

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