The small filter area of the cone crusher dust removal equipment is likely to cause more dust in the environment

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  • The small filter area of the cone crusher dust removal equipment is likely to cause more dust in the environment

The small filter area of the cone crusher dust removal equipment is likely to cause more dust in the environment

The rapid development of the cone crusher in the modern market, its core technology from simple rough crushing to fine crushing, the professional expansion of different equipment, types, functions and supporting operating procedures, thereby effectively improving the production and processing efficiency and processing of the entire crusher The precision of the finished product, the increase of production, and the processing particle size from 20mm to hundreds of meshes can be used for practical, highly reliable crushing methods, especially in the current pursuit of production and processing efficiency and finished product particle size quality and other aspects of automation. In order to improve the processing of the entire production line, a high-performance central control system is adopted to simplify the overall control and operation.
If the filter area of ​​the dust removal equipment supporting the crusher is small, the air volume is insufficient, and it is easy to cause more dust in the environment.
At present, the development of diversified crushing equipment from jaw crushers to impact sand making machines, cone crushers, etc., in the direction of continuous development focusing on equipment application and economic benefits, high-tech is also the main reason for the entire mine manufacturer to adapt to the modern market. One of the acquisitions is also the mainstream direction of the development of the entire mining manufacturing industry, and the basic development direction of the crusher production field.
We all know that the environment where the cone crusher works is relatively dusty, and a large amount of dust has a greater hidden danger to our health, so how to remove dust from the crusher equipment is a matter that many users are more concerned about. Although there are many ways to remove dust, if you don't pay attention to many details, you will enter a dust removal error. Calling on the crusher equipment to remove dust in this way is incorrect. Let's take a look at your dust removal measures, right?
Many users know that a proper amount of humidifying materials can reduce dust, but if the material is too wet, it will cause the discharge port to be blocked, and the ventilation resistance of the dust removal equipment will increase, which will make the dust more serious. Similarly, in order to reduce the dust caused by the air leakage of the crusher shell, some users spray water at the feed inlet to increase the dust.
In the construction sand and gravel industry, the cone crusher is the main processing and production equipment. In addition to the upgrading of the crushing equipment, the high-speed production capacity, high precision, reliability, and intelligence of the entire crushing plant are the main development trends of the current crushing equipment. The current main crushing patterns such as mineral processing, sand and grinding powder are gradually formed. In the fierce competition among mining machinery manufacturers, the demand for high production capacity and efficient processing methods is constantly escalating, and the users of production enterprises are strongly based on the market's personalized plans and processes. In demand, specialized, efficient, and high-tech crushing plant equipment has been increasingly recognized by users.

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