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Three measures for no dust in mobile crushing station

Environmental protection requirements are becoming more and more stringent, and different industries are paying more and more attention to environmental protection. Therefore, for equipment such as mobile crushing stations, to meet environmental protection requirements, it is necessary to achieve a dust-free production process, but to meet this requirement You need to start from the following three aspects, which will be introduced in detail below.
Through the analysis of the working process and internal structure of the mobile crushing station, we have concluded that in order to make the equipment meet the requirements of no dust, it needs to start from the source of dust generation, the operation process and the work after the end of the operation. The main situation is as follows:
Measure 1: Reduce dust generation from the source
For the mobile crushing station, the dust reduction plan should focus on dust prevention, which is to optimize the station and strengthen its sealing performance to reduce the generation of dust, so as to achieve the effect of reducing the spread of dust from the source, for example. It is said that when the mobile crushing station is working and conveying materials, it can reduce the dust by reducing the material drop. Of course, it can also be equipped with dust removal tools to reduce the dust. There are many solutions;
Measure 2: Reduce dust generation during operation
When the mobile crushing station is working, some measures can also be taken to reduce the generation of dust. For example, add an appropriate amount of water before the material is crushed. This is conducive to the reduction of dust. Of course, the moisture content of the material needs to be within the range required by the mobile crushing station. If it exceeds the standard, it will affect the production process. For example, if there is wind in the working environment of the equipment, a dust-removing humidifier can be installed to reduce the problem of dust during material loading and unloading, reverse transportation or open storage. These different measures are multi-tube Together, a dust-free production process can be realized;
Measure 3: Reduce dust generation after production
This mainly refers to the problem of dust in the tail work after the mobile crushing station crushes the material. This part of the dust problem needs to be dealt with. Generally, the dust collection can be achieved by selecting a high-efficiency bag filter or cyclone dust collector. , In order to achieve the purpose of dust reduction;
The article mainly introduces the three major measures to prevent dust in the mobile crushing station. They are the source of dust generation, the process of equipment work, and the three parts to reduce dust. Only by reducing the generation of dust can it be achieved. Only a dust-free production process can meet the requirements of environmental protection and achieve good development.

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