What are the common warning signs and logos for crushers?

Guide: In order to ensure the safety of the crusher during use, it is very important to be familiar with and understand the meaning of the crusher safety warning signs. During the work or maintenance of any crusher equipment, the staff must keep in mind to avoid major production accidents. Today Our crusher manufacturer tells you what warning signs the crusher has.
1. Classification of warning signs for crushers
       Generally, the color-coded safety signs affixed to the equipment by the manufacturers of crushers are divided into three categories. The three categories are: 1. Red prohibition signs, which mean that they are absolutely not allowed; 2. Blue mandatory Signs, the meaning of mandatory signs must be done; 3. Yellow hazard signs, the meaning of danger signs must be paid attention to after seeing. (See below)


Red prohibition sign, do not do                       The blue mandatory sign must be done.                  You must pay attention to the yellow hazard signs.

Therefore, before the crusher products leave the factory, many manufacturers will also spray the corresponding color of paint on the important parts of the fuselage. For example, the pulley of the jaw crusher will be sprayed with red paint to warn the danger and keep the staff away from the high-speed rotating pulley. ; For another example, there are many yellow hazard signs on the electrical control cabinet that controls the operation of the crusher, which are also used to warn the staff of various precautions.
2. Red prohibition signs
       The red prohibition sign is represented by a red circle, in which a red diagonal line passes through the circle, and prohibited behaviors are always indicated in black text (see the figure below), and its function is to remind the staff to run the crusher. During the process, there are many parts that are not allowed to be touched or unauthorized operation is prohibited.

No touch           Do not remove safety devices    Prohibit or restrict access

As shown in the figure: The sign of the prohibition to remove the safety device means do not remove the guard plate. Please check and ensure that all guard plates are in place and function properly to prevent exposure to flying fragments and rotating parts. Do not operate the equipment before installing the guard plate.
Three, blue mandatory behavior sign
The blue mandatory behavior sign is indicated by a white sign on a blue background (see the figure below). Its function is to operate the crusher during the operation process. It is necessary to fully observe and implement the reminder content on the sign, which can be effectively avoided And reduce the occurrence of various production accidents.


Please wear safety gloves           Please wear eye protection              Please wear a helmet        Please wear a safety harness                Please wear ear protection

From left to right: Please wear safety boots, please wear tight work clothes, please wear gas masks, cut off the power, please read the manual
Personal protective equipment belongs to the category of blue mandatory signs, such as wear eye protection equipment sign, wear hard hat sign, wear safety gloves sign, wear ear protection equipment sign, wear safety boots sign, etc.
Example: The meaning of wearing a gas mask sign
Please ensure that proper breathing equipment is used during any operation. All necessary precautions must be taken to reduce the risk of inhaling dust or particles.

Example: The meaning of the power cut off sign
In order to avoid the risk of electric shock, please cut off the power of the equipment "always" before removing any protective devices or covers, or performing any maintenance or adjustments to the crusher equipment to ensure that other people cannot reconnect the power supply during maintenance .

Four, yellow hazard signs
       The yellow hazard sign is represented by a yellow triangle, a black sign and a black frame (see the figure below). Its function is to remind all personnel in the work area to be vigilant and avoid accidents in the production process The occurrence of casualties plays a preventive role.

From left to right: squeeze hazard, noise hazard, electrical hazard, stranded hazard, and stranded hazard;

From left to right: the danger of heavy objects falling, the danger of flying materials, the danger of hanging heavy objects, the hazards of silica and other dust, and the general hazards;

From left to right: Falling object danger, impact danger, explosion danger, hot surface danger, high voltage danger
Example: The meaning of the hazard sign
When working close to the operating machinery, it may cause serious injury or death; unless the crusher is completely stopped, it is prohibited to approach the crusher to work; do not wear loose clothes or wear any type of jewelry, long hair must Bunch up.

Summary: In general, safety warning signs are posted on the crusher or the surrounding environment of the crusher. As a qualified production person, you must always pay attention to all safety warning signs or marks.
      Our crusher manufacturers recommend that crusher users do the following:
1. Ensure that the safety warning signs on the crusher equipment are always complete and clearly visible;
2. Before using the crusher or maintaining the equipment, conduct strict training and testing on the operating staff, and conduct regular assessments on the staff to cultivate their safety awareness;
3. When the warning signs of the crusher or the surrounding environment are found to be blurred or missing, the safety warning signs or signs should be replaced and updated in time;
4. Ensure that the warning signs and marks in the original position are restored in time after replacing parts of the crusher.
      The above are the common safety warning signs on the crusher. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to understand and improve safety awareness. The crusher warning signs produced by various manufacturers are basically similar. The main purpose is to allow users to carry out safe production and prevent accidents. happened.

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