What are the types of stuck cone crushers?

For the cone crusher, it is one of the important medium and fine crushing equipment in the current crushing market. It is widely used in construction, construction waste treatment and other industries. This is based on the excellent performance of the machine, but the best equipment When in use, it is impossible to avoid the occurrence of malfunctions. Here is to introduce the stuck phenomenon of the machine, including what kinds of problems.
1. Material jam and jam
As the name implies, "material blocking" refers to the blocking phenomenon caused by material accumulation. This phenomenon is mainly caused by excessive feeding or blocking due to unreasonable properties. This blocking situation will cause The working current of the cone crusher is too large, the circuit is automatically protected and the operation of the equipment is stopped, and the crusher may even be blocked and forced to stop. In addition, if the inside of the machine enters iron ore or other unbreakable materials , It will also cause jamming.
Second, the spindle is broken and stuck
This phenomenon is mainly due to the phenomenon that the main shaft is broken due to improper operation when the cone crusher is used. For example, in order to achieve the required material fineness, the discharge port is continuously tightened, or it is not broken. Material entering the crusher causes an impact on the main shaft. Another situation is that when the machine is in use, if it is overloaded for a long time, even if there is an overload protection device, the damage to the equipment cannot be completely avoided. This is also A major cause of spindle fracture.
3. The moving cone and the adjusting sleeve are stuck
This phenomenon occurs mainly because the cone crusher is operating under load, and the locking is disabled due to the loss of pressure in the hydraulic station, and the adjustment sleeve will rotate with the cone. At this time, if the operator does not find and handle it in time, It will cause the adjustment sleeve to jam, which will cause the equipment to stop.
In the above, several phenomena of cone crusher jamming are introduced in detail: material jamming, spindle fracture and jamming, moving cone and adjusting sleeve jamming, and detailed explanations for each cause of jamming. Introduction, so in actual production, in order to prevent the phenomenon of jamming, it is necessary to ensure reasonable feeding (including the nature of the feeding, speed and purity of the material), reasonable operation, and prevent the equipment from operating in an overload state, and do Good lubrication and dustproof work.
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