What is the difference between a crusher and a fine crusher

Strictly speaking, both crushers and fine crushers belong to crushing equipment. Their function is to crush materials. However, many users do not know which one to choose due to strict requirements and limits on the discharge of materials in the process of material processing. Kind of equipment?
    1. Similarity analysis
       (1). Both equipment are crushing equipment, which can directly or indirectly crush materials, and can be used in various production lines, and in the actual application process, both have granularity adjustable. When conditions permit, The two devices can be equivalent.
       (2). It can handle materials of medium hardness, and it is quite simple and convenient in terms of output and operation. Under normal circumstances, the crusher generally defaults to a jaw crusher. The jaw crusher can be divided into coarse crushing and fine crushing. And the fine crusher is the fine crusher in the traditional sense.
       (3). Both devices have environmental advantages. The environmental protection is mainly reflected in the fact that no noise will be generated during the work process and will not cause any harm to the environment. Therefore, these two devices can keep up with the times and conform to the trend of the times. It has injected new vitality and vitality into the future development of the mining field.
    2. Analysis of differences
       (1). In terms of discharging, the fine crusher is more refined than the crusher, and in terms of output, the crusher has a higher capacity than the fine crusher. This is determined by the internal structure of the equipment, and the user is doing Make a reasonable choice during the equipment selection process to achieve more satisfactory results.
       (2). In the production line, crushers (jaw crushers) are mainly used as front-end crushing equipment, also known as primary crushing, while fine crushers are usually used as secondary crushing equipment, so they are used in terms of function, performance, and effect. There is a big difference. As for which equipment to choose for crushing, users need to make reasonable purchases under the guidance of professionals.
  Only after understanding the crusher and fine crusher, we can choose the product according to the conditions, adjust the parameters and so on, and use it well.
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