What is the output of gravel crusher equipment?

Sand and gravel crusher equipment mainly adopts the principle of lamination to crush ore materials with higher hardness, such as river pebbles, granite, pebbles, and basalt. It has the advantages of high crushing efficiency, strong production capacity, and stable operation capacity. How can there be fewer stone yards with such good equipment? How much does it cost to purchase a gravel crusher, and what is the output range of the gravel crusher? Here is the answer for you.
Working principle of gravel crusher equipment
Before introducing the price and output of the sand and gravel crusher, let's take a look at the working principle of the equipment, and deepen your understanding of its crushing operation, so that you can make better choices in the later period!
When working, the motor uses the pulley or coupling, the drive shaft and the cone to make a swing motion under the force of the eccentric sleeve, so that the crushing wall of the sand and gravel crusher sometimes approaches and sometimes leaves the surface of the mortar wall, so that the stone is The crushing operation is realized under constant impact, squeezing and bending in the crushing cavity.
What is the output of gravel crusher equipment and what is the output per hour?
There are many types and models of sand and gravel crushers on the market, ranging from tens of tons per hour to several thousand tons per hour. Among them, the output of the sand and gravel crusher is only 45 tons per hour, and the output can reach 2130 tons when the output is large. When purchasing, customers should choose the appropriate capacity equipment according to their own needs.
How much is a gravel crusher in a quarry?
The price of sand and gravel crusher equipment is a problem that customers are more concerned about when buying equipment, but before consulting the price of the equipment, we should know that its price will be affected by many factors (the quality of equipment from different manufacturers, technical input, and market demand Different, different types of sand and gravel crusher equipment have different crushing granularity and performance structure) and there are high or low (the cheap one can be done with a few hundred thousand, and the expensive one is more than one million). Price is not the main factor that determines the quality of the equipment. Only a good manufacturer can save you production costs and bring greater benefits.
Introduction of crusher equipment manufacturers for stone plants
The cone crusher produced by Shanghai Dongmeng Road and Bridge Machinery adopts a hydraulic lubrication control system, which has a dual protection for equipment overload and bearing lubrication. In addition, the structure of the fixed main shaft and the small spherical shaft has been optimized mutually, and its crushing efficiency is better than others. The efficiency of similar equipment from manufacturers is about 5%-15% higher. This equipment with reliable quality and stable performance is very popular among market users. Investors are welcome to consult online for purchasing equipment.
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