What is the reason why the discharge of crusher can not meet the standard

If in the production process of the crusher, due to various reasons, resulting in more problems, such as unreasonable discharge, material jam, etc., then its production efficiency will be greatly reduced, and then the production output of the crusher will be gradually reduced, which represents that the discharge of the crusher is not up to standard, so the economic benefits of users will be greatly lost. Therefore, we should pay attention to the problem of substandard discharge. First of all, we should know what causes it.

1、 Crushing ratio
Crushing ratio refers to the ratio of the particle size of the imported material and the crushed product. The larger the ratio is, the greater the crushing ratio will be, and vice versa. For the production process of the crusher, if the crushing ratio is large, the content of needle and flake will increase. Therefore, in production, the adjustment of crushing ratio is an important measure to ensure the discharge. Of course, it is not possible for the crushing ratio to be too small, which will reduce the output of the whole system Low, the increase of internal circulation makes the crusher wear increase, so the selection of crushing ratio needs to be appropriate.
2、 Different types or models can be processed with different sizes of feed size. If the feed size is not appropriate, it will also cause the phenomenon of substandard discharge quality. For example, when the feed particle size is reduced from 100 mm to 50 mm, the needle plate content in the finished product will decrease by 38%, so the feed size must meet the requirements of the production equipment.
3、 Cyclic load
The working process of the crusher is carried out in a closed-circuit cycle. If the discharge port is increased and the load in the cycle is increased, the stone particle shape will be better. In the whole process, due to the increase of the circulating load, the wear of the equipment in the system will increase. However, when the discharge port is increased, the load of the main crusher can be reduced and the deformation of the finished product particles will be good. Therefore, in the production, the adjustment of the circulating load is necessary It's very important.
4、 Open and closed cycle
In the production of crusher, the circulation is divided into two ways: the former is called screening before crushing, and the latter is called crushing first and then screening. Screening before crushing refers to that the material after the first level of crushing is sieved through the finished product screen and then enters into the secondary crushing inlet for crushing. In this way, the output of the finished product is increased, and the content of needle and flake is also increased, The whole system is a closed system, there is no loss of crushing material, the circulation load is large, but the product has good grain shape. In the actual production of crusher, open circuit or closed circuit circulation can be selected according to the production demand.
Crusher discharge is mainly caused by the above four reasons, so when we use the crusher work, first of all, we should carry out daily inspection, carefully check whether the crusher itself has faults, and solve them in time; secondly, we should check the surrounding environment one by one, and try to deal with the factors that affect the production effect of the crusher. When the crusher is used up, it must be cleaned, and the remaining materials should not be left in the crusher.
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