What kind of crusher is used for the stones on the mountain? How many tons of stone crushers can output?

The stones on the mountain refer to some common ores, such as limestone, granite, and basalt. These ores are processed into stones of various sizes. In the construction, transportation, water conservancy and other industries, the rapid development of highways and high-speed railways directly increased the demand for stone crushers and promoted the great development of the crusher industry.
  What kind of crusher is used for the rocks on the mountain?
The development of crushing equipment on the market is constantly pouring out new products. If you want to crush some hard stones, among many stone crushers, the jaw crusher can solve the trouble for users: jaw crusher (jaw crusher)-coarse crushing And medium crushing, suitable for hard and high-strength stones. When the jaw breaks work, the motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate through the belt pulley, so that the moving jaw periodically approaches and leaves the fixed jaw, so as to apply multiple forces such as squeezing, rubbing, and grinding the large stones, and the crushed materials gradually fall until the The discharge port is discharged.
How many tons of stone crushers can output?
Different equipment models have different output. The following table shows the output of each model of stone crusher:

Model DC75 DC90 DC106 DC125 DC160
Size of feed opening(mm) 500x750 600x900 750x1060 950x1250 1200x1600
Max. feed size(mm) ≤420 ≤500 ≤630 ≤800 ≤1000
Closed side setting(mm) 50-150 70-175 90-200 100-250 150-300
Eccentric shaft rotate speed(rpm) 320 306 270 240 220
Capacity(t/h) 61-198 120-291 199-446 327-728 581-1204
Weight(kg) 9.5 12.5 23.5 42.8 75

Advantages of stone crusher
In production, the jaw crusher has a large crushing rate, a wide range of processed materials, and a large feed volume, which can meet the production needs of high-volume users. Among them, in some hard stone production lines, jaw crushers perform well, and their high output can help companies create high yield benefits;
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