What should I pay attention to when investing in a mechanism sand aggregate production line?

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What should I pay attention to when investing in a mechanism sand aggregate production line?

In order to meet the rigid requirements of high-quality machine-made sand and gravel aggregates in major projects, most sand and gravel plants have sought to change, so what should be paid attention to when investing in machine-made sand and gravel aggregate production lines? Are there specific cases for reference?
1. What should I pay attention to when investing in a sand-gravel aggregate production line?
a. Select the appropriate parent rock, that is, the raw material for aggregate production, which needs to pass radioactivity detection and alkali aggregate reaction experiment. The current priority is limestone-granite-river pebble-tuff, etc., with severe weathering and mud content High ones should not be considered;
b. According to the local climate characteristics and the characteristics of the parent rock, select the processing technology and crushing equipment consistent with the output and finished product requirements. The commonly used methods are wet method (large water consumption, high product cleanliness), dry method (high utilization rate of finished products, (Need to use equipment to suppress dust) two processes;
c. When leasing or purchasing production sites, determine the surrounding traffic conditions and water and electricity to ensure the free flow of trucks and the stable water and electricity to prevent complicated working conditions in the later purchase of raw materials, sales of finished products, and operation;
d. In order to ensure the long-term stability of the quality of the finished product, centralized electronic control can be used for the equipment, and an online detection device can be installed at the export of the finished product to realize wireless networking for remote monitoring and real-time detection of the quality of the finished product to complete the maneuverability of aggregate quality.
2. What are the machine-made sand and gravel processing equipment? How much is the price?
The equipment is divided into jaw crushers, impact crushers, sand making machines for medium and low hardness parent rocks, and jaw crushers, cone crushers, sand making machines for high hardness parent rocks, etc.;
Although the impact crushing force is not large, the output size is good and the stone powder is small. The cone crusher is characterized by large crushing force and strong solidity; the sand making machine recommends the impact type vertical shaft sand making machine, which is unique "stone hitting stone". The principle can improve the sand yield and the quality of the finished product.
The price of the equipment needs to be consulted online or by calling the manufacturer, because the different models and configurations of the equipment determine its price, and the manufacturer can recommend and provide an accurate quotation according to your needs. In addition, direct contact with the manufacturer can also save you costs and reduce unnecessary waste of time and energy.

3. Large-scale granite crushing and sand making production line for your reference!
Project name: Granite crushing and sand production line in Putian, Fujian
Processing capacity: 300-400t/h
Feed size: 750mm
Configuration equipment: PEW860 European version jaw crusher + HST250 single-cylinder cone crusher + HPT300 multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher + 2S5X1545/4S5X1860 vibrating screen + other auxiliary equipment
Finished product specifications: 16-31.5mm, 10-20mm, 5-10mm, 0-5mm
After understanding the basic situation of the company, Dongmeng engineers recommended the coarse and medium crushing combination of European version of jaw crusher and single-cylinder cone crusher. The characteristics of the two equipment are wear-resistant and durable, and large crushing force, which is very suitable for the high hardness of granite. For stone crushing operations, after considering the size of the finished product and operating efficiency, a multi-cylinder cone crusher is added, which can process the finished product more finely and reduce the content of needle-like materials.
4. Dongmeng can help you easily put into production machine-made aggregate production line!
If you also want to invest in sand and gravel production or want to "upgrade" your own production line, you may wish to contact Dongmeng Luqiao Machinery, we have a complete "EPC" general contract service process, covering design, distribution, installation, commissioning, after-sales, etc., you can Help you tailor-made a machine-made aggregate production line, easily and quickly put into production, to ensure that your needs are met!

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