What to do with the dust generated in the production of jaw crusher?

Dust pollution has always been a common and thorny problem in the mining industry. It not only reduces the air quality in the work area and its surrounding environment, endangers the health and safety of workers, but also damages machinery and equipment, causing various accidents. Affect the economic benefits of production and enterprises. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the dust pollution problem generated during the operation and take measures to prevent it.
Jaw crusher is a kind of equipment commonly used in mine crushing equipment. It has the advantages of large crushing ratio, simple operation and convenient maintenance. However, it is unavoidable that a large amount of dust will be generated during the production process, which will cause greater pollution. How to reduce the dust pollution of jaw crushers and achieve environmentally friendly production is a problem that many people care about.
1. Spray water to eliminate dust
Water spraying devices are installed at the three main parts of the dust-generating inlet, outlet and crushing cavity, and two water spray nozzles are installed at each location. Among them, the two nozzles at the inlet point to the inlet; the two nozzles at the outlet form a certain angle relative to each other to make the sprayed mist into a cross state to achieve the best spray effect; the nozzle at the crushing cavity is set at the movable jaw Behind it is at an angle to the horizontal.
2. Vacuum dust
A vacuum cleaner is installed at the discharge port and the inspection port after the movable jaw of the crushing cavity respectively, and the diffusion of dust is controlled by dust suction means. Among them: the suction hood of the discharge port vacuum cleaner is about 1000mm away from the discharge port, and the plane of the suction hood is perpendicular to the direction of dust flow; after moving the jaw, the connecting duct between the suction hood of the vacuum cleaner and the fan is designed as a stretchable pipe. To facilitate the refueling and daily maintenance of the broken mobile jaw.
3. Frequently clean the pre-screening vibrating screen
Before the material enters the jaw crusher, it must be pre-screened by a vibrating screen to remove small particles and dust materials. Therefore, the vibrating screen must be cleaned frequently to prevent clogging and to ensure its screening effect to avoid a large amount of dust materials from entering the crushing system And cause dust to fly.
4. Reasonable selection of tooth plates
When choosing a tooth plate, choose a tooth plate with a relatively large number of teeth and a smaller tooth profile, which is beneficial to improve the crushing efficiency and reduce the generation of dust.
5. The tooth plate should be fixed firmly and reliably
The jaw crusher will produce frequent impact loads during the operation. The ore and the tooth plate frequently collide and squeeze. It is easy to loose or fall off the fixed tooth plate and the movable jaw tooth plate, especially the fixed tooth plate. Once the tooth plate is loose or falls off, it will seriously reduce the crushing efficiency of the crusher, causing the ore to stay in the crushing cavity for a long time, resulting in multiple friction between the ore and the tooth plate and generating a large amount of dust. Therefore, the tooth plate must be fixed reliably, which reduces the dust generation from the source.
6. Replace blunt tooth plates in time
When the tooth plate is blunt, it will increase the contact area with the ore, forming a larger compaction core, and will consume a large amount of crushing power, and also cause a large amount of dust.
7. Appropriately increase the traction speed of the discharged product
Adjusting the subsequent conveying speed of the discharged product can not only make the crusher reach the best working condition, but also achieve the effect of dust control. Practice has proved that, while ensuring the tolerance and production capacity of the following procedures, the traction speed is appropriately increased, and the amount of dust raised is less.
8. Humidify the material
In order to keep the whole set of dust prevention measures in a relatively stable state and better control the overall dust concentration, in the actual production process, the raw ore before entering the crusher is humidified, which can effectively reduce the production of ore during the crushing process. The dust rate.
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